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The Ghost of John Henry

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The Ghost of John Henry Lyrics. Words and music by John Gibbs. Guitar chords by Marc, credit also to John Beardsley for the wonderful guitar work in the song.

My (D)name is John Henry and (A)I am from (D)Slade
My mother and (A)father and (D)me
I worked with my hands and I (A)worked with the (D)spade
And sometimes I (A7)worked on the (D)sea
I (A)loved the white (A7)horses that (D)ride on the foam
On (G)that deep cold (A)ocean where (D)they chose to roam
That (A)noble ex(A7)panse keeps on (D)calling them home
To a place where theres (G)hope and theres (A)plenty

The (D)pain and the hunger drove (A)us from the (D)land
They paid us a (A)Guinea to (D)sail
To some far off country to (A)some far off (D)land
Men women and (A7)children were (D)frail
We (A)watched the white (A7)horses as (D)they rode the swell
And (G)dreamed of some (A)nice place where (D)we would be well
For (A)any place (A7)better than (D)this rolling hell
And a ship load of (G)ghosts damned and (A)empty

I (D)gazed o’er the tide and I (A)gazed o’er the (D)bough
I tried to es(A)cape in my (D)head
I dreamed of the fields and I (A)dreamed of the (D)plough
I dreamed I was (A7)back home in(D)stead
And (A)dreamed of white (A7)horses that (D)ride on the foam
On (G)that deep cold (A)ocean where (D)they chose to roam
I (A)never thought (A7)I would be (D)leaving my home
For a guinea and (G)some foreign (A)country

But (D)I never got to that (A)far distant (D)land
Before that I (A)met with my (D)end
And I never got to that (A)city of (D)dreams
My fortune my (A7)guinea to (D)spend
And (A)dream of white (A7)horses that (D)ride on the foam
On (G)that deep cold (A)ocean where (D)they chose to roam
They (A)buried me (A7)here in the (D)deep like a stone
Now I am the (G)ghost of John (A)Henry - D


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