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The Wolfe Tones Tour Of Britain For 2011. and 2012. Written by Brian Warfield. Including Gigs In Scotland, Wales, The Isle Of Man And All Over England. See The Wolfe Tones Offical Site For Booking Information.

The 2012 Tour.
We're just getting back to normal after the tour of England, Wales and Scotland.  I got some kind of bug, cold, flu, whatever, when I came home, it knocked me out for six but thank god I'm feeling much better now.  A couple of hot whiskeys with lemon and honey done the trick and a bit of TLC from The Mrs :-) ... Whiskey makes you sick when your well, and well when your sick.  Never a truer word was spoken.
Just to recap where I left off on the last newsletter, I think I got as far as Renfrew where we had a most wonderful night with all the lovely people of the area. We then made our way to Wolverhampton, the Emerald club, no one really understands just how important these Irish clubs are, they are most definitely the heart and soul of the Irish communities and should be supported. The second generation Irish should be welcomed and encouraged to get involved with the clubs, after all it was the hard working efforts and vision of their fathers and grandfathers that built them in the first place.  They help to support the older generations and provide entertainment and cultural nights of dance, music, language and history and they are run mostly by volunteers and hard working committees. So support your local Irish Club and they will support you.

We travelled all around England in a whirl wind tour of cities and towns. Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Liverpool and London, all great centres of Irish emigration but unfortunately I noticed that a new generation of Irish feeling the pinch at home are now seeking work abroad. I spoke with many young people at the gigs and each had the same story to tell, no work at home, lack of opportunities and a depressing, dark outlook in the news and media, a terrible reckless government that squandered opportunity and billions of Euro all down the drain.  They were voted into power by the people of Ireland to look after their interests but when they got voted into the club, they never took care of the people they were there to represent.  This lost wondering generation had bitter words for our politicians and country that has neglected them. It was said to me on many occasions that they would work for much less anywhere in the world than go on the dole at home, but they all preferred to be working at something or other. Many complained about the governments lack of a properly thought out, structured, immigration policy, instead they believed that they presided over an open door policy that flooded our hospitals and schools and the labour market with hundreds of thousands of extra people, leaving Irish citizens struggling for existence, old folks left on trolleys in our hospitals, mothers worried about getting a place for their children at school and our own youth emigrating in their droves once again.  What can we say, it was all to feed a big, empty, property bubble that brought the country to its knees!

Our thanks to all at the Dickens Inn, Middlesbourough, for their hospitality where we had a wonderful night full of laughter and fun. Its not very well known that the Tyne Tees area in the North East of England had a huge influx of Irish during the 19th century, even more than London.

The highlight of our tour was of course the Barrowlands in Glasgow.  What a night, the audience were fantastic, unforgettable.  If you have not been to see the band at the Barrows don't miss it next time. A guaranteed amazing experience.
We would like to thank all the promoters and clubs, pubs and venues for their efforts in presenting The Wolfe Tones but most especially, the people who attended our shows, without the friends and fans, there would be no Wolfe Tones ... thank you all sincerely!
Brian Warfield December 2012

We're looking forward to our tour of England, Scotland and not forgetting our great friends in Wales. We embark on a three week tour in November that will see us visit many towns and cities accross the UK.
We commence our tour in Middlesbrough on Nov 4th, then moving north to Scotland and Aberdeen, Coatbridge Renfrew and Motherwell. Moving south to Liverpool for a concert at the Liffey Bar, home from home you might say.
It's been some tome since we played in the Isle of Man, well that's our next stop. We have one show in Wales, that's in Cardiff at The Coal Exchange, this historic hall was the place where millions of tonnes of Coal were bought and sold and world prices were set. It's a wonderful venue, great acoustics and atmosphere, we're really looking forward to meeting all our Welsh friends there.
Our tour brings us to many great venues, new and old. It's great to be back in the Greyfriars in Nottingham, it's nearly 7 years since we played a concert there so be there, everyone welcome except the Sheriff! This year they are celebrating their 40th anniversary and we hope to have a great celebration on the 13th November, see you there.
We will launch our new CD with a special concert featuring some songs from the CD at the London Irish Centre, Camden, on Saturday 12th November, so if you're lucky to be in the London area, be there ..... limited tickets available  from the London Irish Centre in Camden.
We have never been to Eastleigh, it's near Southampton for all in the South, it's a first so we are looking forward to that.
The London dates are spread throughout the tour, we are with 'Moore the Hur' in on the 15th and with Danny Dempsey in the Norbury, Sth. London on the 19th, you can dance your ass off at the Norbury till five in the morning!
Hennessy's in Kingsbury is a great venue, one of the best in the London Area, we have played there for many years. I love the gig and so will you. Birmingham is always a must and we play at Scanlons, Carol the owner of the the club is well known in Irish dancing circles and has run a dance school in Birmingham for many successful years.
Thurrock Irish Centre in Essex is a little bit of Ireland on the Thames, built by the generation of Irish emigrants during the fifties.  It's a great tribute that it has survived all the ups and downs of recent times and now has past to the safe hands of their descendants. Keep up the good work.
The Emerald club in Wolverhampton is a must, another well run Irish club actively promoting Irish events. These clubs and their committees work really hard organising cultural events and shows,they deserve your support.
The Irish centre in Reading is one we have not done in many years, perhaps 12 or more. So it's great to be back. Newcastle at the Tyneside Irish centre is always a great favourite venue of mine, Tony Corcoran looks after the club and does a fantastic job there. He has the Irish community at heart and helps them in many ways so if your living around Newcastle, come along you wont regret it.
St Kentigerns Social Club (it's called after the great Irish Saint, I wrote about him in one of our newsletters) in Manchester is a must for all around the City. Kevin is the manager there and under his stewardship both he and the club have won many awards. Manager of the Year, Club of the Year, you name it, they have won it. It's a great venue and the Tones only Show in the area.
We finish off our great tour with a concert at the Barrowlands in Glasgow. There is a home game so make sure you make a note of it, see the game and the Wolfies on the same day. The final show is at the Friary in Dundee so it's sure to be a sell out, make sure you order your tickets in advance.
We're on the road again from this Thursday with four shows over the holiday weekend in Ireland ... in Elphin, Co. Roscommon, Killarney, Co. Kerry, Cork City and Kilmallock, Co. Cork.

Don't forget the great events coming in the New Year:
Charlie's in Lanzorte in the Canary Islands in early January.
Cruising the Caribbean with The Wolfe Tones, January 29th for one week, will be magical so treat yourself or for that special occasion book it now, click here.
Brian Warfield

Warfield on the Warpath ...
Bullying did not win as I mentioned in the last newsletter,  the bullying that took place against some of the venues and promoters that hosted The Wolfe Tones on our recent tour.  In the case of Auchenlarie Holiday Park, they intimated the owners and manager of the venue to cancel ... however, I'm glad to report that the show was moved to another venue, in Castle Douglas, and it was a fantastic success. They had never held a show there before so when we arrived there was no stage.  Not to be beaten , down we went to the local building merchant.  I bought sheets of plywood and some cavity blocks, brought it back and built a stage that any venue would be proud of ... You'll Never Beat The Irish!!
The vocal bullying by the anti Irish lobby has been plaguing the Tones for years. Whenever we were played on radio or television, they were always very vocal in their complaints and condemnation of the Tones. The same was the case in the printed media. An article about the group would be followed by a succession of bullying letters by a very vocal organised anti Wolfe Tones lobby.  I remember when we were playing at a sell out concert in Jersey Island, when former RTE presenter Bibi Baskin reported to the police of the island that an IRA group was holding a rally at the theatre!  This was at the height of the troubles and the police reacted to the bullying complaint.  We were on stage at the time and obviously they found nothing but the people of the island enjoying an exciting Irish musical evening with the Tones. They arrived, met with the promoters who assured them it was just an Irish musical event and the left wondering why this complaint was made in the first place.  We were back in Jersey several times after that occasion and had many wonderful nights there.
On another occasion while on tour in the US, we were playing the dinner theatre in Westchester NY.  We were staying in the City and came back to Eamonn Dorans Pub on 3rd Ave.,  our usual haunt.  Eamonn was a great friend and great guy. I had many wonderful friends there and was called over by one who told me that a particular man who was a promoter of The Fury's at the time,  was bad mouthing us all night, making all kinds of mischievous suggestions, blaming the group for everything that happened in the north, bombings, killings, you name it, he blamed it.  I always thought of him as a friend of mine, how I was mistaken.  When I confronted him, he denied everything, professing his innocence. But he was trying to promote his other bands by running down the good name that The Wolfe Tones had built over the years by helping with concerts for prisoners dependants and highlighting the injustice against the Nationalist people in the north.  The Wolfe Tones have never shyed away from such events, so please let no one tell you any different.
Many rivals of the Tones adopted this argument to further their careers and bring down the popularity of our group, begrudgers, there were plenty of them and still remain around today.  Some have carved out a successful career at our expense.  People such as Fintan O'Toole, a journalist in Ireland, who tried to discredit the name of The Wolfe Tones in his newspaper articles.  We challenged him on it and went to the lengths of putting the record straight on the Late Late Show a few years back.


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