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The lonely schizophrenic songs

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The Lonely Schizophrenic Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Anto Kane on guitar and singing, Andy Delamere on banjo and Val Pavlov on bass recorded live at The Purple Sessions in The Punt Bar Drougheda. The second song was shot in The Phoenix Park in Dublin

(C) Your mammy doesn't (F) love you(C)your daddy hates(F) you too
(C) sure that's why you (F) were abandoned (G)at the gates of Dublin(C) zoo
(C) well its not your (F) fault (C) your not the one to (F)blame
(C) your parent were only (F) kids when they(G) comited their act of (C)shame
(C) your mammy never (F) loved you(C) she probably never(F) will
(C)she never fecking (F) forgave herself (G)for not taking the(C) pill
(C)so if you need a (F) daddy (C)  or a mammy (F)too
(C)at rent a daddy  (F) dot com  (G) we've got both (C)for you

 (C) rent a daddy dot  (F) com (C)  rent a daddy (F)  do
 (C) rent a daddy dot (F)  com  (G) he will love (F)  you

even your family don't like you, an unwanted child
when your parents conceived you your mother was well oiled
no matter your religion Hindu Buddhist Jew
at rent a daddy dot com we've the faith for you
so if you're getting married and while walking down the aisle
don't look for your daddy the fecker ran a mile
or if you lost your parents through accident or disease
you could always rent them with simplistic ease
[Chorus x 2]

Rest in pieces (Fluffy)
 I was (G)driving home the (Cadd9)other night ,  i (G)had a bit of a (Cadd9)fright
A (G)cat ran out in (Cadd9)front of my car well (G)he (G/F#)didnt get (Em)far
no you should (C)never run in (D)front of a (G)car I hit him on the corner of a

dark and windy road don't you fecking cats know the green cross code?
you're supposed to look left and right i looked into my mirror and then
i began to frown best part of the cat was right way up the rest was upside
down bits of the cat were upside down I had hit him in a deadly place he hardly

made a sound I could see that his face was  now part of the ground yeah his
face was mashed into the ground you know I'd be making it up you know I'd be a
liar if i didnt mention having to pick him out of my tyre took me ages to get
the cat out of my tyre I blessed the little kitty as i dragged him to the grass
Sure i was only a prayer away from giving him full blown mass But I don't know

the Latin to say mass I'm sorry little kitty yeah I'm sorry for what I've done
i know you had a family because you're some mothers son whose going to tell your
family the awful thing Ive done Momma why does fluffy have blood coming out of
his head I'm sorry to have to tell you son I think your cat is dead it's what

happens when you're missing half your head I know he's up in heaven its a much
nicer place where no one is going to slag him over not having a face

(C)fluffy no you (D)don't have a (Em)face.... (C)fluffy no you (D)don't have
a (Em)face.... (C) (D)don't have...a...(Em)face...


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