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Reindeer Jumper Song

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Reindeer Jumper Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords by Tea Shock.GuitarChords
Verse: E D G Bm (x3) E D G G
Chorus: G D Em D (x4)

Verse 1
This Christmas I think
I‘ll be all alone
I’m snowed in
Grannies on the phone
It’s such a pity
You can’t get here
I’ve a present
You’ve wanted for years woh-oh
You’ve wanted for years woh-oh-oh

Verse 2
I’m walking in the snow-oh
On my way home
Midnight mass ho-ho
Santy’s coming
Not long to go go go go-oh-oh
Not long to go go go go-oh-oh

I’m so happy that I could cry
Wondering what did she buy
Excited I got a reply
Telling me she’s gonna buy
That jumper
That reindeer jumper

Verse 3
Breaking news …
A snowsto-oorm
It’s re-e-e-e-ally really cold
Head to the pub
To keep warm
I’ll order one
For the road road road road whooh
One for the road road road roo-oo-oad

Verse 4
The pub
Is full of cheer
All my friends,
Ended up here
Wearing their
Jumpers and drin-n-nking beer


I’m so happy that I could cry
Wondering what did she buy
Excited I got a reply
Telling me she’s gonna buy
That jumper
That reindeer jumper

Verse 5
I’ve a plan,
[BREAKDOWN] Whooh...
I’ve a plan,
After a few beers
To get granny,
Up here
(Thumb a lift )
Thumb a lift
Off Santy my dear
Don’t forget
M-m-m-m-y jumper
My reindeer jumper

I’m so happy that I could cry
Wondering when she’s gonna fly by
Excited she’s in the sky
I think I can see she’s got my jumper
My reindeer jumper
Who whoo oh

Story behind the track
The Reindeer Jumper song is a story that needed to be brought to life! Tea Shock band members and a few very talented friends all pitched in over the last 2 months to create this video. It tells the story of the song through live action and stop-motion claymation, bringing all the songs characters to life in true Tea Shock wacky style. 
            TheReindeer Jumper is a symbol for hope for a young man living far, far from homeduring these challenging times.  A lot of our friends and family membershave had to immigrate during the year. The dreadful  weather conditionsthat we experienced last year,  left people stranded. Many of our friends were unable to be with their loved ones during the festive period.  Theyoung man in our story has experienced a similar faith and his Reindeer Jumperis his connection to home. Will he ever get the jumper ????
The bands background
We are 6 very good friends who started making music and writing songs last february as a pastime. We met up every Thursday evening after work to jam. We realised soon enough our vision was to share our sound and ‘go global’. Instead of just talking about it, we tookaction and decided to release our first song for Christmas 2011.
            With a lot of energy and enthusiasm from the band we wrote the lyrics, came up withthe melody, recorded the song, produced the video and joined up with a charity group to make our dream a reality!  Here we are today networking and promoting our song. Its been a wonderful and exciting journey thus far and wehope the road ahead will be long and fruitful. Hoping to bring some Christmas cheer to everyone & raise money for charity.


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