Interesting Dates In Irish History From 1014                  


Battle of Clontarf  1014

Henry 11 landed at Waterford, October 1172

Dublin's first charter granted by Henry 1172

Trinity College foundation stone laid March 1591

opened January 1594

Annals of the four masters completed August 1636

Confederation of Kilkenny, May 1642

Battle of Benburb, June 1646

Massacre at Drugheda by Cromwell, September 1649

First Lord Mayor Of Dublin 1665

First Dublin newspaper, The Flying Post, established 1669

James 11 entered Dublin, March 1689

William 111 landed in Ireland June 1690

Battle Of The Boyne, July 1690

Battle Of Aughrim, July 1691

Battle Of Kinsale, December 1691

Treaty Of Limerick October 1691

Sarsfield died , July 1693

Wolfe Tone Born , July 1764, died 1798

Lord Edward Fitzgerald Died 1798

Edmond Burke born January 1728, died July 1797

Goldsmith born November, 1728, died April 1774

Irish House Of Parliament Opened October 1731

Irish House Of Commons burned, February 1792

Battle Of Fontenoy May 1745

Henry Grattan born , July 1746

Rotunda Rooms founded, July 1748.

J. Philpot Curran Born July 1750 died Oct. 1817

American Revolution , April 1775

Daniel O'Connell born April 1775 died May 1847

Thomas Moore born May 1776, died Feb. 1852

Irish Volunteers met in College Green November 1779

Irish Volunteers Convention, February 1782

Independence Of Irish Parliament declared April 1782

Father Mathew Born , October 1790 died 1856

Custom House Dublin opened November 1791

French arrive in Bantry Bay, December 1796

Battle Of Vinegar Hill, June 1798

Execution of Brothers Shears, July 1798

Last session of the Irish Parliament Opened January

Union carried by 43 votes, February 1800

Robert Emmett Executed , September 1803

Gerald Griffin born, December, 1803, died June 1840

Michael Balfe born, December 1808, died October 1870

Gladstone born December 1809, died May 1898

Foundation Stone of General Post Office lain 1815

Richard Brinsley Sheridan died July 1816

Thomas Davis died September 1845

Pro Cathedral, Marlborough Street, foundation Stone lain 1816 finished 1825

Catholic Emancipation passed March 1829

Royal Dublin Society founded June 1831

Cholera outbreak in Dublin March 1832

Dublin and Kingstown Railway opened December 1834

Penny Post established, January 1840

First meeting reformed Corporation Dublin October 1841

Income Tax first imposed, March  1842

Charles Stewart Parnell born June 1846, died Oct. 1891

Fredrick Lucas died October 1855

Richard Lawlor Shiel died May 1851

Royal Exchange opened as Dublin City Hall, September 1852

Dublin Industrial Exhibition opened September 1852

Dublin and Wicklow railway opened, July 1854

Thomas Steele died June 1848

James Clarence Mangan died June 1849

Irish Republican Brotherhood Founded 1858

Irish People News Paper was founded in 1863

William Smith O'Brien died 1864

Allen Larkin and O'Brien [Manchester Marters] executed 1867

Fenian rising at Tallagh Dublin March 1867

Vartry Waterworks opened October 1868

Samuel Lover died July 1869

Protestant Church Of Ireland disestabished, June 1869

Battle Of Sedan , September 1870

Third French Republic declared , September 1870

Dublin Tramways opened February 1872

Foley [Sculptor] died September 1874

Charles Stewart Parnell elected M.P for Meath in 1875

John Martin died March 1875

John Mitchel died March 1875

Cardinal Cullen died, October 1878

Threat of a famine. The Irish National League founded 1879

Isaac Butt died, May 1879

Theatre Royal burned down February 1880

St. Stephens Green opened August 1880

Dublin street lighted by electricity May 1881

Daniel O'Connell monument unveiled in Dublin 1882

Rev. Father Tom Burke died July 1883

National Exhibition opened August 1882

Charles J. Kickem died August 1882

Dublin Public Libraries opened October 1882

Gaelic Athletic Association founded in Thurles 1884

A.M. Sullivan died October October 1884

Cardinal McCabe died February 1885

Edmund Dwyer Grey died March 1888

Most Rev. Dr. Walsh elected Archbishop of Dublin August 1886

Parnell loses three by-elections in 1891

Foundation stone Wolfe Tone Memorial August 1898

Dublin Main Drainage commenced August 1896 opened September 1920

Local Government Of Ireland Act 1898

James Stephens died March 1901

Public Funeral For Charles Gavan Duffy March 1903

Great Hurricane in Dublin February 1903

Wyndham Land Act 1903

Sinn Fein formen in 1905

National University established 1908

Michael Davitt died May 1908

Land purchase act is passed in 1909

Foundation for Parnell Monument O'Connell Street October 1899 finished Oct. 1911

Insurrection, Easter April 1916

General Election returns Sinn Fein members 1918

All Ireland Convention set up by British Government 1917-18

John Redmond died 6th March 1918

First Dail meets January 1919

Mr. de Valera elected president 1919

Irish war of independence against Britain 1919 1921

Government Of Ireland Act [partition] 1920

General election Parliaments of Northern and Southern Ireland May 1921

Most Rev. Dr. Walsh died 1921

Treaty signed 6th December 1921

Second Dail assembled December 1921

Treaty debate in Dail December 22nd 1921 to January 7th 1922

Treaty approved January 1922

Mr. de Valera resigned office and defeated for re-election 9th January 1922

Mr. Arthur Griffith elected President January 10th 1922

Provisional Government established January 1922

Transfer of powers from British to Provisional Government January 16th 1922

General Election by Provisional Government Proclamation June 1922

Civil War breaks out in June to September 1922

Death of President Arthur Griffits August 13th 1922

Michael Collins in shot dead August 22th 1922

Third Dail assembled in September 1922

Constitution Of Irish Free State Act passed October 25th 1922

Mr. T.W. Healy k.c. appointed Governor General December 1922

General Election August 1923

Forth Dail assembled September 1923

Fifth Dail elected June 1927

Mr. Kevin O'Higgins assassinated July 10th 1927

John Dillon died 9th August 1927

Fianna Fail Party took seats in Dail August 11 1927

Fifth Dail dissolved August 25th 1927

Sixth Dail elected September 15th 1927

Sixth Dail assembled October 11th 1927

Earl Of Iveagh died October 1927

Cardinal O'Donnell died October 22th 1927

President Cosgrave visits U.S.A. 1928

Most Rev. Dr. MacRory appointed Archbishop of Armagh July 1928

Mr Kellogg, Foreign Sec. U.S.A. pays return visit Saorstat Eireann August 1928

Tailteann Games Dublin August 1928

Seanad. Second Triennial December 1928

John Devoy died September 1928, remains brought home from America and interred in Glasnevin Cemetery June 1929

Institute Of Journalists Congress Dublin 1928

Catholic Emancipation Anniversary Celebrations Phoenix Park 23th June 1929

T.P. O'Connor died November 1929

Most Rev. Pascal Robinson Archbishop of Tyana appointed Papal Nuncio to Saorstat Eireann 28th November 1929

General election with Fianna Fail winning 1932

The constitution of Ireland claims the 32 counties 1937

General Election Fianna Fail beaten 1948

I.R.A. Campaign in North 1951 to 1962

Ireland joins the United Nations in 1955

Northern Ireland Civil Rights founded in 1967