The Rent Supplement Scam

Scams are big buisness in Ireland, it's the practise of Conning People Out Of Money, or what used to be known as ''The Stroke'' in Ireland.  The biggest looser is the Irish state in most of the scames.

One of the biggest scams is where a couple are living in the same house and where the woman is claiming rent supplement from the department of social protection and her partner owns the house. The average person in Ireland claiming this supplement gets  €700 a month.

The way it starts is, the woman gets pregnant and has the child. She applies to her local council for a council house. The council will tell her there are no houses but we will put your name on the list. The council tells the womam to seek private accommodation. She usually finds a house for rent and stays there a few months. She then moves in with her boy friend who already owns a house or is paying a mortgage on one. The woman changes her address with the council and bob is your uncle. The department pays the woman the €700 a month which usually goes to pay off their mortgage.


But this amount is not all that the department pays to the woman, oh no, she also receives money for any children they may have. For one child it's €130 a month and for two it's €260, for three it's €390. So say the average single mother with 2 children gets €960 a month from the government for doing nothing.

It's no wonder that marriages in Ireland have falen by 30% in the past 20 years. It doesn't pay these scammers to get married, if they did they would have to pay their own way in life, it's something they are not prepared to do.


There are over half a million one parent families living in Ireland. 98% are women. A large portion of these are in receipt of rent supplement. A single mother in Ireland is also allowed to work while claiming all this money. She can work and earn €110 without her benenfits being cut. The cost of single mothers in Ireland to the state runs into hundreds of millions a year. All of which is borrowed to pay them. This is by far the biggest scam in Ireland Today.


The Armani Jacket Scam

This one is easy to detect but lots get caught out and fall victim. It starts usually in car parks of shopping centres where a man comes up to you as you are getting out of you car. He will be a foreigh man who looks and sounds Italian. His story is always the same. He strats by saying he has come to Ireland for a clothes exhibition of some kind. He will tell you he has some jackets left over and rather than bring them back home to Italy he will sell them to you at a cut price deal. He will show you a few jackets which will be in an Armani bag. The labels will be also the Armani kind. These jackets are fake. They have been bought in Ireland and are of very poor quality. The label which was originally on the cheep jacket was removed and an Armani label put in it's place. The man selling these jackets sounds very convincing, he's the kind of man who would sell sand to the Arabs. He usually starts the bidding at  €100 , but will take  €50. He most likely got the jacket for  €20 anyway. So he's still making a profit. Beware of smooth talkers.


The Traveller Scam

Several groups from the travelling community are involved in a scam at filling stations around Ireland. The scam involves asking for money for petrol or diesel for their van to get home. The man will come up to you as you are filling your car or lorry and tell a sad story of how himself his wife and kids have no money to get home. He will ask for twenty euro for the price of the fuel to help them on their way. They usually travell in a van with a couple of kids and the wife. When he gets the money he will head off to another garage and do the same thing. They spend their whole day travelling from garage to garage looking for easy money. On a good day they can earn several hundred euro. A fool and their money are easy parted.

The Foreign Woman Coming On To Men In The Pub.

This scam has been the rounds in and around the Dublin area for a few years now. It starts with a foreign woman coming up to a couple of men or even a man drinking on his own in a pub. The woman starts by saying she is only new to Ireland and pretends to be interested in the man. Some men will be flattered with the attention they are receiving from a gorgeous looking woman. The woman is not acting alone, she will have a male accomplice near-by watching every thing going on. Eventually the man will go to the toilet and that's when she  will strike. She will go through the pockets of the man's jacket and take everything, money, phone and credit cards. The accomplice will be watching for the man coming back from the toilet, but sure by the time the victim returns they are gone to the next pub.


Romanian Gypsies Buying Cars.

So you decide to sell your car, you place an ad and start receiving calls. One call you may receive is the Romanian Gypsy Call.  It's usually a man who makes the call asking if he can view the car you are selling. So you arrange to meet him somewhere safe as a precaution, say for example close to a Garda Station. He agrees and says he'll be there tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and he gives you a ring saying he can't make it but is sending his girlfriend to view the car on his behalf. So you agree and start to feel a bit more comfortable meeting a woman.. So next thing is you receive a call from the woman saying she can't find the Garda Station and can you meet her where she is, you agree, but when you get there there are a couple of men and the woman. One of the men will ask if it's ok to take the car for a test drive, if you agree this is the last time you'll ever see the car again. It will be stripped down and sent abroad to be sold as parts.


Bank Of Ireland - Banking 3 6 5 scam email.

Here's the latest email scam that's dong the rounds and says it's from Bank Of Ireland,


 ''We recently have discovered that multiple computers have attempted to log into your Bank of Ireland Account
3 6 5 Online - Bank of Ireland . If this is not completed by   Aug ,   28 ,   2014 ,  we will be forced to suspend your account  indefinitely, as it may have been used for fraudulent purposes .
* Please Click On The link below to Verify Your Account:'' 


Never, ever click a link from these emails as the link will take you to a bogus website where these fraudsters will ask you for your personal information and the website will often leave a virus on your computer. This virus is used to collect information each time you log in to websites. It steals your passwords for every website you log into.