Stolen Mobile Phones In Ireland - Where Do They End Up ?             

The mobile / smart phone is the single most item stolen in Ireland every year. There are over 6,500 of these high end devices simple taken out of peoples hands each year. Usually the thief will watch you on the street or shopping centre waiting for his moment to pounce. Then when the time is right he/she comes up on foot or bicycle and before you even know what's happening the phone is gone and all you see is the back of the robber running away with your phone. He/she will be long gone before help arrives, these robbers are very quick, you won't know what hits you before it's too late and your €600 iphone is gone to pay for their days drug habit.



Dublin City is the worst place for this crime, it's estamated over 3,000 of these mobiles are taken from shoppers and pedestrians in Dublin alone each year. The most likely gender to be stolen from are women strolling around town texting or on facebook in a world of their own. You can't help but notice the the amount of people in shopping centres bumping into others as they stroll along oblivious to everything that's going on around them. The robbers also notice this limbo state. About one third of people walking around shopping centres now either have a smart phone up to their ear or looking at the screen.

This is asking for trouble, in an ideal world we could all be zombies as we walk around the streets and shops but these drug users prey on zombie like facebook addicts.


So where do these phones end up ? The top two countries where phones that are stolen in Ireland end up are Romania and Nigeria. So where did I get this information ? From my sources at Dublin Airport Search Team. These

are the people who search your bags when going through security to catch your flight. They tell me that sacks full of mobile phones are brought through by Romanian Gypsies and Nigerians on a regular basis. So why are they allowed bring all these phones out of the country that are stolen ? well it's not up to the search teams at the Airports to stop them. After all it's not illegal to

carry bags of phones on to a flight out of the country and it's not the job of Airport staff to arrest suspected criminals, that's a job for the Garda and the Airport Police.