The % Of Irish People Who Dye Their Their Hair                    

Over 70% of Irish people have Brown hair. About 25% have black hair any 5% have Auburn hair. This figure applies to both men and women. Over %70 of Irish women between the ages of 18 and 45 dye their hair for cosmetic reasons. Women over the age of 45 dye their hair because it's going or gone grey. The most popular hair dye for women in Ireland is blonde with Black second and Auburn third. In general Irish men don't dye their hair but a small number of men over the age of 50 will use a colour when their natural colour goes grey. There are no natural blond haired people in Ireland. People who have Albinism are the only exception to the rule. This is because those with Albinism have a complete or partial absence of pigment in the hair on their body and head. Some babies are born in Ireland with blonde hair and by the time they reach their teens the hair colour changes to a more permanent colour.