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The Flowers Of The Forest Song

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The Flowers Of The Forest Song Lyrics And Chords. Words and music by Jean Elliot 1727-1805. This song is about the soldiers who never returned after the battle of Flodden in 1513. Over 10,000 Scottish men were killed in the battle along with their king James IV. The tune of the song may actually be older, it's a favorite tune on the pipes in Scotland. Recorded by Dick Gaughan among others. Dick uses a capo on the 3th fret and plays a more complicated set of chords that are given here.

[G]I've heard them liltin', [D]at the ewe[C] milk[D]in,'
[G]Lasses a-liltin' be[D]fore dawn of [G]day.
[D]But now [F]they are moan[C]in', on [G]ilka green [C]loan[D]in'.
The [G]flowers of the [C]forest are [D]a' wede a[G]way.

As boughts in the mornin', nae blithe lads are scornin',
Lasses are lonely and dowie and wae.
Nae daffin', nae gabbin', but sighin' and sobbin',
Ilk ane lifts her leglin, and hies her away.

At e'en in the gloamin', nae swankies are roamin',
'Mang stacks wi' the lasses at bogle to play.
But ilk maid sits drearie, lamentin' her dearie,
The flowers of the forest are a' wede away.

In har'st at the shearin' nae youths now are jeerin'
Bandsters are runkled, and lyart, or grey.
At fair or at preachin', nae wooin', nae fleecin',
The flowers of the forest are a' wede away.

Dool for the order sent our lads to the Border,
the English for ance by guile wan the day.
The flowers of the forest, that fought aye the foremost,
The prime of our land lie cauld in the clay.

We'll hae nae mair liltin', at the ewe milkin',
Women and bairns are dowie and wae.
Sighin' and moanin' on ilka green loanin',
The flowers of the forest are all wede away.


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