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Welcome to Irish song lyrics and guitar chords by Martin Dardis. The best site by far for all your favorite ballad songs by The Dubliners, The Wolfe Tones, The Pogues The Fureys, Mary Black, Christy Moore, Foster And Allen, The Barleycorn Johnny McEvoy and hundreds more folk traditional and rebel songs lyrics, plus sheet music and tin whistle notes and easy acoustic guitar music.

Irish Music Session
Big improvements have been taking place on the site in the last 6 months or so. Several new band sections and new ''Country'' sections also. The music from Scotland has been greatly improved by adding new sections for The Corries, The McCalmans and Runrig. We thought it was best to separate general Scottish songs from what was recorded by the better known groups such as The Corries. Also I have added a new German and Brittany section. The lyrics and chords in the new sections are unique to this site, I included these new pages because the demand was there and the fact that folk music plays a big part in the culture of these countries.

Guitar Songs Sheet Music

All the guitar chords here have been kept basic, mostly three easy chords in every song, this is because of the large number beginner guitarists who come here. There is a hugh mixture of songs and tunes to please everyone, including lyrics from The Wolfe Tones to Foster And Allen, from The Dubliners to The Pogues, Charlie And The Bhoys To The Irish Brigade, with over 1450 titles and rising, you are sure to find what you want, be it rebel or folk, ballads or traditional. I have added separate categories for The Wolfe Tones, Johnny McEvoy, The Pogues, The Fureys, Foster And Allen and Christy Moore. If you have mandolin or banjo tabs for and song here please send it to me, lets keep or music alive for the next generation of ballad singers and musicians. In the whistle section there are some videos of myself playing the tunes along with the letter notes as some can't read the sheet music yet.

Irish guitar music
If you have written a song and want it included on the site then send it to me, it doesn't have to be anything special, it could be a tribute  tune to someone you admire in the folk world or a protest song like Christy Moore or Luke Kelly sang. Include whatever chords or music you have to accompany the song. Also include some information as to why you wrote the song and what inspired you. If using an original traditional tune then leave the guitar work to me. If you have an mp3 or youtube video to go with the song all the better. There are already over 100 songs already sent in by novice singers and songwriters.

So what else is on the site ? well there's an extensive collective of  traditional sheet music that's suitable for for most instruments. But I sort of specialise in tin whistle as I can knock out a tune or two which I then record in video format so you can see what notes I'm playing. I also write it out in an easy to read format. There are 3 seperate sections to get you started. The first section I'd recommend is the children's songs, even if you don't like playing these kids songs it's a great way to start off getting the fingers used to knowing what holes to cover. After you have mastered these easy one's there's a sort of step up section where I again give the basic notes and where to place your fingers. In total there are over 40 handy songs to learn in the whistle sections.
What else is there ? Since the last count there were close to 2,000 folk songs lyrics from around the world, mostly Irish. There is a section where you can learn how to play acoustic guitar. Here again I use video format along with showing which chords to play. Recently I have created a page to show the strumming patterns that a lot of folk songs use. Did you know you can literally play thousands of songs with just a few different strums. The link is at the bottom of the ''Learn Guitar Section''.


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