Self Employed People Are Entitled To Dole                      

There's been a lot of talk recently about weather or not someone who has been self employed  and is no longer working can claim is entitled to a dole payment. The answer is yes. It's not officially called dole or unemployment benefit but unemployment assistance. The payment you receive is paid by The Department Of Social Welfare and is means tested. You will be assessed on how much money is coming into the household and what assets you have. You will be asked to produce bank statements and credit union statements for yourself and if married your spouse also. You are entitled to have some form of savings in the bank without it affecting your claim for assistance, a couple of thousand euro is fine.

You can make a claim at your nearest Department Of Social Protection office. They will process your application and send you some forms to get filled in and you'll be given a date to go for an interview with inspector of the department who will assess you for a payment. If you are entitled to a payment you'll receive a Social Welfare Card [most people already have this plastic card] And back payments will be sent to your address in a cheque form. From then on you'll receive your payment at your local post office.

You will be required to sign on about once or twice a year at the Department Of Social Protection.

The bottom line is that everybody in in Irish state is entitled to some sort of payment to live on if they are unemployed.             Means Test Example Citizens Information