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About Us

About Swords County Dublin Website

www.swordsdublin.net is primarily here to provide information about the Town Of Swords. The site is not affiliated to any organisation or polictal party. Comments regarding pubs or other snippets of news are strickly my own views unless otherwise stated. Information sent to this site by polictical parties are left unedited and are displayed exactly the way they were sent to the site. I will publish party statements by all registered polictal parties that are relevent to the townlands of Swords and surrounding area of Fingal.
Website traffic to the site is an average of 3,000 hits per week. A wide range of people come here looking for all kinds of information about Swords, from what time a bus comes at to what's on in a given pub on Monday, to the history section looking to who lived on Main Street one hundred years ago. There's 150 pages of information on the site covering a wide range of intrests.
Advertising on this site is free for small business in Swords and Fingal. I will do my best to promote local business and support Irish jobs. If any business wants to support the site through sponsorship you can contact me at the email address.

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