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Pubs And Restaurants In Swords Dublin

Pubs And Restaurants in Swords County Dublin
The information given here is my own opinion of the pubs and clubs in Swords, I say it the way I see it, no glorified praise where none is deserved. I am a native of Swords and have visited these premises many times over the last thirty years, so I'm well qualified at this stage to give an honest review of what I find. If you have a different view or want to write your own experiences of a pub or club you are more that welcome to leave a comment. Keep it honest.

Malahide Road

Wrights Pub Swords

Airside Retail Park
Wrights Venue Nightclub Airside


Star Pub Swords

The Estuary Pub Swords Co.Dublin

The Cock Tavern Swords

The Guitar Man

Bridge Street

The Pound Pub Swords

The Lord Mayors Pub Swords

The Old Boro Pub Swords

Plaza Shopping Swords

Old School House Swords
The Old School House Swords


the peacock rivervalley

The Slaughtered Lamb Pub Swords

The Ploughman Pub

El Chico Mexican Take Away


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The Manor Inn is located on The Brackinstown Road
Swords, lounge and bar with music weekends. Manor Inn
Manor Mall S C Brackenstown rd Swords Co. Dublin
Tel: (01)8409136 - re-opens 8th July 2013
China Link
6 Main Street.
The Orchard Pub Applewood Village Swords,
est. 2002. Bar food all day. Jade Palace restaurant chinese and Thai
food. Mon-Sat 1-12  Sun. 1-11pm
Orchard Lounge Bar The
Applewood Village Swords Co. Dublin
Tel: (01)8409939
The Kinsealy Inn Drynam Swords
G.A.A Clubs with bars
St. Colmcilles Club Balheary -
Music Saturday nights and ballad session
on Monday nights, all pints €3 from
Glen Ellen Distributor Road

Pubs In Swords Dublin

Entertainment in the pubs around Swords is lacking big time. It's not enough to throw a D.J into a corner with a bag of records. There are generations of young people growing thinking that's all there is. Why isn't there live music being blasted out of the speakers instead of C.Ds. There are some exceptions, namely The Old School House on Thursdays, The Lord Mayors on Sundays and The Eastury pub.
Looking at the history section on this site reminds me that there was more going on in the pubs around Swords 100 years ago than there is today. Bring In Live Music
Oh yes, and another thing, what about the price of a pint ? some pubs in Swords are charging over €5 for a pint of beer, there are some mighty differences in the price of drink depending what pub you drink in.How can a publican justify charging such high prices while providing no entertainment to the punters ?
And NO, that television in the corner doesn't count as entertainment.
Some of the newer pubs have their cash registers rigged up to automatically increase the prices during the night at different times, be wary of this practise, if you feel the price increase is not justified then tell the bar staff, there's little point complaining when you leave the pub. The prices charged in these places are on par with the tourist areas of the city such as Temple Bar.
Another practise being adopted by these publicans to extract your hard earned cash from your pocket is to relieve you from your coat or jacket when entering the premises, ''Sorry You Can't Bring Your Coat Into The Pub'' is what they will tell you, give us three euro and we''ll mind it for you. this is a scam to get your money. If you pay this ridiculous charge for minding your coat then you are encouraging the practice, vote with your feet and go to another pub.
Swords is one of the few towns in Ireland which permits pubs to stay open later than the normal closing time of 11-30. This privilege was given to the town to rejuvenate the main street area. All the large pubs stay open until 2 A.M weekends with some even staying open late on Monday and Tuesday nights, The Star pub stays open Monday nights until 2am with it's karaoke. Of course with late night opening comes late night trouble with fighting taking place on main street most weekends after closing time.
If visiting Ireland from abroad remember that there's a smoking ban in place in all public houses, also be aware of your rights insofar pubs must display a price list outside or in the hallway of their premises and the price list must reflect the price charged at the bar

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