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The Peacock Pub/restaurant

The Peacock Pub And Restaurant Rivervalley Swords

The Peacock Pub is located in Rivervalley Swords, the pub was formally known as The Millennium which opened for the Dublin millennium in 1988.
The pub was totally demolished and rebuilt in 2008 to reopen as The Peacock Pub/Restaurant.. The restaurant quickly gained a reputation for it's excellent food which is served all day every day. The pub is equally divided for bar and lounge drinkers.
There is an excellent balcony as you can see from the photo for smokers who use the restaurant. Live music in the bar Thursdays and Saturdays. The restaurant does very well for birthday parties and caters very well for large gatherings.
The price of drink is slightly more that the average housing estate pub. The bar caters for more of a soccer following as the television is blasted out from every speaker in the pub, even the toilets are no escape from the loud speakers during football season, the bar staff can hardly hear the customers when ordering drink,,,,,otherwise it's a fine pub.
Marks out of 10 ? about 9. It's ideal for parties, Christenings and any other kind of social gathering you can think of. There's plenty of free car parking beside this pub. The car park holds around 150 cars.

the peacock rivervalley

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