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The Central Pub / Slaughtered Lamb

The Central Bar / The Slaughtered Lamb Pub Swords Dublin

The Slaughtered Lamb Pub Swords

The Slaughtered Lamb pub formally known as The Central is situated on Main Street. It's one of the largest pubs in Swords with three bars in total and a large smoking area at the rear. The ground level bar to the right as you enter caters for all ages. It's a modern type bar with none of the traditional features normally associated with the Irish pub. Downstairs is where the pool room is and is frequented mainly by under thirty age group. At the back of the pool area is a very large smoking area. Upstairs is where the majority of the crowd go and where the music gets played. Most of the music is D.J music with the odd band preforming. The age group up stares would be mainly under twenty five. The price of drink is reasonably with the pool hall boasting the cheapest pint in Swords. Friday nights in The Lambe is now a Gay night in the up stairs part of the pub for both lesbian and queer men.
On saturday 28th 9,30 there will be fantastic live tribute to Bob Dylan in The Slaughtered Lamb, electric band and accoustic music.
The Cock Tavern and The Slaughtered Lamb also hold a series of Live Music evenings throughout the week (every Sunday and Thursday).  
There's no car park for this pub as it's on the Main Street where there's ''Pay And Display'' in operation. This pub reverts back to The Central Bar in November 2013. This pub is closed for the time being. Rumor has it that the pub may have being sold to the British chain  wetherspoons, but this is just rumor.

The Slaughtered Lamb Pub Swords

Slaughtered Lamb Closed Down - Message That Was Placed On Facebook.
We can confirm that the refurb. to the lamb has stopped and that an offer from a very big English name has being made to buy the pub. After great thought from the owners of the lamb the offer has being accepted and is going through the process.
The owners of The Slaughtered Lamb would like to thank all the people of Swords and the surrounding area for their support over the past 12 years. We wish the pub every success trading under it's new name.
If this pub gets sold to wetherspoons here's a few things that they do a bit different than Irish pubs. For a start they will be much cheaper than any other pub in the town. They do serve food and it's the best of grub and not too expensive. The bars are usually staffed by young women who serve at a snail's pace compared to the service you'd be used to in Ireland and that's because they never served their time as bar women. The bar trade doesn't seem to be recognised in Britain as being a ''Trade''. But I'm sure when wetherspoons do enter the Irish pub trade they'll have to employ ''Real'' bar staff as the Irish won't put up with young one's wandering around like headless chickens. That's my own personal experience from being in wetherspoons pubs in England.
They start serving food early in the mornings, something the Irish don't generally do. Wetherspoon's are one of the only pubs that serve a breakfast. They also stay open late and serve food until 11pm. Revenue is boosted by gaming machines in most of their pubs, an example is you'll see poker machines scattered around the pub beside each pillar. Every table has a number embedded into the wood. All their pubs are large open plan which makes The Slaughtered Lamb an ideal premises for a Wetherspoon pub.

Central Bar Pub / Slaughtered Lamb
Main st Swords Co. Dublin
Tel: (01)8407263

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