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Dublin Airport Authority Outsource 600 Jobs

The Dublin Airport Authority is to outsource it's 600 hundred search / security workers. The decision was made 17 May and all workers were informed. What this means to the employees of the company is that their jobs will be gone as they are made redundant. The workers can then reapply for their jobs again under different conditions. A worker with 5 years service can expect to receive around thirty thousand euro in redundancy payment. Workers for the authority currently earn in the region of twenty euro an hour but when they are re-hired their salary will be twelve euro fifty cents an hour and that's if they are lucky enough to be taken back.
The Irish government pays redundancy payments to all workers made redundant. This is called statutory redundancy and consists of 2 weeks pay for every year works for a company. The rest of the redundancy payment comes from the company concerned. Companies in Ireland have recently seen the benefits of outsourcing jobs. The idea behind this is to sack workers and let the taxpayer pay their entitlements and then re-hire the same people for less money than they were originally on.

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