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Aldi Shop For Swords

Update 4th Of March 2014.
Fingal County Council have now granted planning permission to Aldo to build a new shop at River Valley where the existing shops are now located. Aldi have said they'll get rid of the petrol pumps and demolish part of the Centra shop. A new face lift is also planned for the other shops in the centre. Some local people have objected to Aldi's plan to open a store so close to a school. The Lereto collage is across the road from the shopping centre. Other objection relate to road safety for pedestrians.


Update November 2013. Aldi have put a planning application to Fingal County Council to open a shop at River Valley Swords.
Update March 2012 - Rumors are about that the New Aldi shop will be now located where Woodies are in the Swords Buisness Park close to Seatown Road. At the moment that's all it is ''Rumors'' , the site itself would be perfect for middle of the range store such as Aldi. There's plenty of parking space for up to 100 cars. The floor space is sufficent for the size of shopping area Aldo would normally use.

The German discount store Aldi have expressed an intrest in opening a shop in the Swords area. The site they are interested in is on the Seatown Road in Swords. The site is owned by The Catholic Church in Swords. At the moment all that's on the site is the old parochial house. This house was used by the priests of the parish for many years and is classed as ''A Listed Building'' which means it cannot be knocked down. The site would be ideal for Aldi but not so much for the local people in Seatown because of the big increase in traffic to the area. The site will be sold if planning permission is granted to Aldi.

Facebook Comments

  1. It will bring a huge amount of extra traffic through rivervalley...yes there is a "supermarket" in the current location but people from swords & surrounding estates don't flock to it like they will to an Aldi! Having a significant rise in the number of supermarket shoppers worming through the estate will no doubt have an impact of road safety in what is currently a "relatively" quite estate traffic wise. I'm not saying its a bad idea but the increased traffic should be considered by locals as it will impact on them daily.

  2. Wouldn't like to see the chipper go as its my decent chipper chips treat when I visit my folks

  3. there are shops there,what are the safety concerns, Just wondering ?
    I think its a good thing the pumps are being removed from a residential area, they are aging ..and that is a safety concern alright.

  4. I look forward to it coming, although I can understand the traffic concern.

  5. Just thinking of lidl there the amount of near misses was nearly one again this morning be better if it were in a larger area,  I think anyways.

  6. Great news! Traffic is chaotic outside every primary and secondary school in Swords regardless of location!

  7. At the end of the day it does t matter where a shopping centre is going that's not going to cause near misses or car accidents it's the drivers of the cars that cause them from not been vigilant or carful when driving.

  8.  Brilliant news for the area, and as others have said its already a supermarket so where's the issue, love Aldi.

  9. What will happen with the other small shops that are there already like hairdressers choppers post office dose any body know, ?

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