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Swords Court

Swords District Courthouse And Court Office. North Street. The building was designed by Alexander Tate in 1845 and built between 1846 / 1847 at a cost of 425
GPS Coordinates
Latitude 53.46043406
Longitude -6.2187767

The courthouse at Swords:
Every Monday, 10.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. - criminal (hearings only).
Every Tuesday, 10.30 a.m. - criminal; 2.00 p.m. - family law (except third Tuesday of the month).
Every Wednesday, 10.30 a.m. - criminal; 2.00 p.m. - family law.
Third Tuesday of every month, 10.30 a.m. - civil.
First Friday of the month - special hearings only.
The office is located on Bridge Street Swords
Oppisite The Pound Pub Phone 8403187

Swords Courthouse

District Court

The majorty of cases heard in The Swords courthouse relate to drunken fights which take place on the main street every weekend, other cases are for drunken driving, stealing from shops. The avarage fine handed down for drink driving is two thousand euro and a two year ban. Presisant offenders often get jail time. Other offences include being fined for no television licence. If your unlucky and have to go to court you will most likely find your name in the Fingal Independent newspaper which covers all the trials in Swords court.

News In Brief rom The Courts

Below Are Some Examples Of Cases Before Swords Court
Latvian Banned For 11 Years
A latvian man who drove his car while already banned from driving has being given another ban, this time he got an 11 year ban. The judge also gave him a 4 month prison sentence but he was lucky as the judge suspended the jail term. The man was already serving a 3 year driving ban when the Garda caught him driving without insurance in Rush, Co, Dublin. The judge also fined him €500 for the no insurance charge and €300 for driving while he was already banned.

Mulhuddard Man Charged With Bilking
A man in his 50s was charged with filling his car with €90 worth of petrol from a filling station in Balbriggan and driving off without bothering to pay for the fuel. Bilking, which is driving off without paying for fuel is on the increse around North County Dublin. There's hardly a week goes by without someone ending up in court for doing a runner from filling stations. Case Adjourned.

Cavan Man Refused To Leave Garda Station.
A Cavan man who had arrived in Swords Garda Station asking about his friend who had being arrested beforhand started giving the Garda abuse. He called the Garda unrepeatable names and refused to leave the station when asked. The 19 year old said he was afraid of going to prison and said he was very sorry for being drunk and abusive to Garda. He was let off. He received a suspended 1 year sentence, which means if he ends up in court in the next year the sentence could be activated, the Cavan man went home a happy camper.

Lusk Man Gets 150 Hours Community Service For Driving While Banned.
A man from Dun Emer in Lusk was caught by the Garda driving his car when he was already banned from driving. He was stopped by the Garda on the Forest Rd. Swords last July.  His previous relates to driving with no insurance and given the Garda wrong information.

Man Selling Smokes To Buy Drugs
A man was caught by the Garda selling Cigaretts at the market in Balbriggan said he wanted the money to buy drugs as he was addict. The smokes had no government seal and were regarded by the Garda as being ''Black Market'' smokes. The arrested man was from Dundalk and had less than 100 smokes for sale. Te judge fined him €100.

African Woman Caught Drunk Driving While Banned
The woman was driving in Lusk with no lights on. She was only banned from driving a few months ago for driving with no insurance. The Garda caught her again. The judge gave her another ban, this time for 4 years. He also fined her a total of 1,050 for no insurance and driving while already banned. The judge said she'll be going to prison if she keeps this carry on up. She was on the way to Lucan in West Dublin when stopped.

African Man  Buys A Car And Then Crashes It
The man had only bougt the car, but went drinking and crashed it on the way home to Boroimhe at the Forest Road. He also had no insurance on the car.. The judge fined him a total of €800 for driving while drunk and having no insurance. He also got a 2 year ban.

Two Latvian Women Caught Robbing At The Pavilions
The 2 women who are living at Carnigie Court North Street Swords were caught stealing goods from Dunnes Stores to the value of €80. One of the women said that loads of other people rob from shops and that they too can do it. They were given probation.

Nigerian  Crashes Into Parked Car In Swords.
A Nigerian man out doing deliveries in a van crashed into a parked car when he was trying to turn his van. He was making a delivery to a shop in River Mall off Main Street at the time. There was €2,000 worth of damage done to the parked car. The Nigerian man left the scene after hitting the car.. He was fined a total of €500 by the judge of Swords District Court.

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