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Crime In Swords

Crime In And Around Swords The following is just an example of street crime around the Swords area. Although the level of violence in the town is probably no greater that any other large town in Ireland with the same population the town centre does see a lot of late night violence after pub closing. This is usually between the hours of 12-3am Friday to Sunday.

Bogus Charity Collectors In Swords - August 2011
A number of bogus charity collectors are now opperating in the Swords area. They usually operate outside shops on Main Street and shopping centers on the outskirts of the town such as River Valley Shopping Center. The latest bogus collectors are Romanian Gypsies who claim to be collecting money for cancer. They have no identification most of the time and other times they will be wearing a shabby i.d. with someone elses photo displayed. Be careful who you give money to on the street. While most street charity collectors are genuine collectors for good causes there are a large number of bogus ones who keep the proceeds for themselves.

Another Drug And Alcohol Fueled Fight In Swords July 2nd
A large scale fight took place on the streets of Swords on Saturday morning at 3am. The brawl started at The County Hall when the bus from The Wright Venue was dropping it's passingers off. The were about 70 young men involved in the fight which spilled over into Chaple Lane. These young men had been attending The Wright Venue which finished at 2.30am and the special bus left them on Main Street. Local Garda were called to the scene and arrived soon after the row started. There were about 30 Garda in attendence but they were totally outnumbered. The Garda eventuall got the situation under control. Several people were injured with one young man receiving a severe facial wound from what was beleived to be a stanley knife. Any information should be passed on to Swords Garda Station on Phone-6664700 or the confidential line 1800 666 111 

Suspect Bomb On Main Street    21 April 2011
A suspect device was found under a car in Swords today. The device which was thought to be a bomb was discovered under a car on Main Street this afternoon. The owner of the car reported it to Swords Garda who called out the army bomb disposal team. The suspicious intem was examened by the army and found to be harmless. Traffic was disruptet for a time and the Malahide Road at Swoprds Main Street side was closed during the incident. The army gave the all clear ant thing returned to normal.
Main Street Shops Swords

Fight At Wright Venue - April 2011
Wright Venue Swords
Mayhem broke out at The Wright Venue at Airside Retail Park Swords on Saturday night [9Th April]. The fight was between two groups of men, one gang were from the Sheriff Street of Dublin's inner city while the others were from the Ballyfermot / Clondalkin area of West Dublin. Several of the men who sustained injuries were taken to Beaument Hospital. The fighting started up again at The Travlodge down the road from The Venue where Garda made arrests. The Travelodge is where many of these young men and women stay overnight while attending the Wright Venue. Violence is a common occurence at the nightclub with The Garda being called to the premises every weekend.

Stabbing At Wrights Venue              12-12-2010
Wrights Venue Swords
Wrights Venue Airside Swords
A man was stabbed in Swords this morning at around 3am. The man who was from Poland had attended The Wright Venue with his friends and was stabbed after leaving the club. He died later in The Mater Hospital. The victim was living in Naas County Kildare. Garda in Swords are investigation and have asked anybody who was in The Wright Venue last night to contact them. Phone Number of Swords Garda station 01 6663700. Confidential 1800 666 111 
This was the second major incident at The Wright Venue last night. Around the same time a bomb was discovered under a car. This is also the second stabbing at this nightclub in a matter of weeks. See below for bomb details

Bomb At Airside Retail Park    12-12-2010
Airside Shops Swords
Army bomb disposal experts were called to the Airside Retail Park in Swords at 3am on Sunday morning. A suspect device was found under a car which was parked in the shopping center. Garda from Swords cordoned off the area and kept onlookers from The Wright Venue which is just across the road at a safe distance for their own safety. The army took the bomb away and later carried out a controlled explosion on the device. Roads in the area were soon reopened. The bomb disposal team later explaned that the ''Pipe Bomb'' was primed and could have caused loss of like. The Wright Venue was evacuated as a precautionary measure but most had already left as it was past closing time.

The Manor Robbery
Swords Manor Shops

Swords Manor Robbery
The Swords Manor Inn was held up on Friday night/ Sat. Morning around 2 am. Up to four men entered the pub with the manager who they had kidnapped from his home and took him to the pub with the keys of the safe. it was said the men were carrying guns. It's not known at this time if any money was handed over during the robbery. Garda sealed off the Manor Inn pub soon after the incident.

A Saturday Night In Swords

Saturday Night In Swords
A typical Saturday Night in Swords will consist of several street brawls, men being thrown out of pubs and night clubs, and general acts of violence.
On Saturday 16th /  Sunday 17th a fight took place on Swords Main Street that lasted close to two hours. It was mostly just one man who started fighting with passers-bye, several young men took the man up on his offer to a fight, the man was quiet tough and beat anybody who took up the offer of fighting him. In the end the street fighter got into a taxi with his girlfriend and headed off while shouting abuse at everybody he passed. Time Od Brawl 1-30 to 3-30
Meanwhile down the road at North Street men were engaged in another street fight, the men had either being refused entry or were ejected from Velvet Night Club. Up to fifteen young men and women continued the fight from the night club to The Courthouse.    Time Of Brawl 2-30
Another fight took place up at Airside Retail Park outside The Wright Venue where Garda were called, a man had being refused admission and was causing a complete show of himself, he asked Garda who arrived to help him gain entry to the club. He was arrested.
On the road outside the club the Garda came across a woman lying on the road, the woman was out of her head on drink, she gave the Garda abuse and spat at one member of The Garda, the woman was charged and brought before the Swords Court where she was fined.
On The Forest Road youths were trying to gain access to a Dublin Bus that had pulled into the bus stop, the young men were banging their hands on the windscreen and the door of the bus. They had intended to get another passenger on the bus and by the looks on their faces they had intended to commit harm to the passenger, they failed to get on the bus as the driver refused to open the door.

The Boroimhe Shooting

Man Shot In Swords
A man was shot in Swords Co. Dublin Monday 18 October, the shooting took place near the Forest Road at Boroimhe housing estate. It was reported the man was shot five times in the arms and legs, his condition is said to be not life threatening. Garda are investigating. The man was in his 30s. Several men forced their way into the man's house after eight O'Clock.
The man who was shot was not from Swords and the men who shot him were not from the area, the come from Inner City Dublin.

 Fight On Chapel Lane

Russians In Street Fight
Up to twenty Russians were involved in a street brawl outside the Russian club which is attached to The Star pub on Saturday night / Sunday morning. The club which is located on Chapel Lane Swords now only opens on a Saturday night. Fighting is very common outside the club with regular street brawls taking place between young men. The kicking and punching lasted for twenty minutes. No Garda were at the scene during the disturbance

Bookies Robbery

Attempted Robbery Ladbrokes Swords
An attempt was made to rob the Ladbrokes bookies at Rivervalley in Swords on Saturday 29 May. The man entered the shop wearing a white boiler suit and balaclava. The staff refused to give the would be thief any money and he fled on foot.

Burglaries, Man Jailed
Burglaries In Swords - Man Jailed
After a string of burglaries in Swords over the last year a man has been charged and handed down a four year prison sentence. The man from St. Cronans in Swords appeared in the circuit court and pleaded guilty of two charges of handling stolen property. He had 29 previous convictions for burglary around Swords and Co.Louth. The culprit was caught by Garda who carried out a search of his car after he was pulled over.

Bomb Found At Swords Estate
Pipe Bombs Found In Swords
Nine pipe bombs have been discovered in a house in Bumbury Gate Swords. Garda entered the house on 24 March and called the army Bomb disposal experts to deal with the devices. A number of houses in the immediate area were evacuated. This is the first time such devices have been found in the Swords area. These bombs are normally used by criminals involved in the drugs business and have been used in the past where they have been thrown at houses and left under cars timed to go off when someone starts the engine.

Robbery At Filling Station Dublin Road

Robbery At Filling Station
A lone thief held up the filling station on Dublin Road Swords on Wednesday 16 December at around 7-30 pm, the robber had an iron bar as a weapon and threatened staff, he jumped over the counter and helped himself to the money in the till. An eyewitness said the robber was very clumsy and knocked over trays of sweets while bolting the counter. There were several customers in the shop while this was going on, it lasted only a minute or two. The Garda were called and were at the scene within two minutes. Nobody was injured in the raid and the thief made his escape.

Burglaries Rampant In Swords

House break-ins in the Swords area have risen to frighting proportions. Over the last three weeks alone I've heard of at least twenty five. The thieves have targeted houses in Glasmore Park, St. Cronans, Abbeylea, Hawthorn Park, Rivervalley, Castlegrange and Applewood. These are just the one's I've heard about so I'm sure there are many more. In a lot of the break-ins the culprits enter through the back door, usually forcing the sliding patio door. The thieves are mostly after small valuable items such as jewelry and cash. Unless these people are apprehended they will continue, so be vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the Garda.


Shot Fired At Russian Club
A shot was fired into the Russian nightclub on Chapel Lane on Saturday/Sunday Morning. The nightclub is attached to the Star pub and is frequented by mostly Latvia Lithuania and Russian clubbers. Nobody was injured in the shooting. The shot was fired through the front glass door. Armed Garda were quickly on the scene, no reports of arrests so far.

Fighting On Main Street Swords

Swords ambulance

Brawl Leaves Youth Needing Medical Treatment
A brawl outside the Fingal Council Offices on Friday night left one youth needing medical treatment. The incident happened while a group of teenagers were hanging around the Council building on Main Street and a group of foreign national young men were passing. Words were spoken between the two groups and one young man was injured in a bit of a scuffle that followed. An ambulance was quickly on the scene and the youth was treated at the scene. The Garda also arrived quickly and the culprit was arrested a few hundred meters down North Street. The ambulance that arrived was the Swords based Ambulance which is to be withdrawn in July this year because of a row over money. The ambulance is based at Swords fire brigade station and is a full time service. The row over payment is between the H.S.E and Dublin City Council. There are forty paramedic staff jobs on the line if this service is withdrawn. The incident above is just one of over 5,000 calls the Swords ambulance service receives every year. The photo. above shows the Swords ambulance attending the incident outside the Fingal County Hall

Garda At Blessing Of The Graves


Garda At The Blessings Of The Graves
A large Garda presence at the annual blessings of the graves in Swords prevented a repeat of last year's violent scenes. The previous year was mared by fighting taking place inside the grave yard between groups of itinerant/traveler families where weapons such as 'slashooks' were used in violent scenes never before seen in an Irish graveyard. This year's prayers for the dead passed off in peace. The Garda arrived in large numbers and were well prepared for a repeat of the fighting. Two transit vans full of Garda in riot gear were on standby with more Garda patrolling the cemetery. A large group of itinerants gathered at the front gate near the end of the mass and were closely monitored by members of the Garda. No trouble happened and the day passed of in peace.

Russian Bodybuilder Finally Gives Up
Saturday 28 Feb
A Russian man ejected from The Orchard pub in Applewood Swords by bouncers spat at a taxi driver who had parked at the pub while waiting for his passengers. A passing Garda car witnessed the incident and the Garda had words with the well built burly Russian. Abuse was hurled at the Garda who tried to calm the man down but to no avail. The Garda had difficulty arresting the culprit who became very aggressive. Handcuffs were eventually placed on the man who was still struggling. Reinforcements of three more squad cars arrived on the scene and the Russian finally gave up

Attack On Young Girl
Saturday 28 Feb 2009
An unprovoked attack took place on a teenage girl outside McDonalds on Swords Main Street early on Saturday night by a group of rampaging teenage girls between the ages of twelve and sixteen. The teenage girls had gathered outside the plaza shopping centre beside McDonalds and were hurling abuse at passers-bye. A reliable source informed me the incident was video taped by the attacking girls to be shared later and perhaps placed on some social networking website. The girls injuries which were substantial were treated by ambulance crew who arrived quickly on the scene. A pack of marauding young girls some as young as twelve have been congregating around Main Street Swords of late in search of trouble.

St.Patricks Weekend
The level of violence the weekend before St. Patricks day was seventeen cases of violent disorder in and around Main Street Swords. Five youths were arrested in the early hours of Sunday Morning outside the slaughtered lamb pub, a minor offence took place down North Street when a Garda's hat was knocked off while on patrol. In the courts this week a Lusk man was fined €250 for not paying his taxi fare.
An Ashbourne man made a contribution to charity and was given probation after he was caught fighting outside Velvet Nightclub.
A man was fined €800 for urinating in a public place


Brawl Outside Russian Bar - Zaveidile8 March
A brawl took place outside Zaveidile the Russian bar on Chapel Lane Swords on Saturday night/Sunday morning 2am involving up to twenty men.
Garda were quickly on the scene in large numbers and quickly put a stop to fight. The bar which forms part of the star pub and is let out is known locally as ''The Russian Bar'' attracts young men and women from Latvia and Russia. Up to twenty Garda attended the scene and arrested a number of men who were put in handcuffs and then into the Garda van for transport to the local Garda station. This was the second fight within a week outside these premises. It would appear these incidences are drink related. It's just good fortune that had the Garda near by as they were dealing with another incident across the road at the slaughtered lamb pub where the doorman had giving a beating to a young man.

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