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Foxwood Estate Swords

Foxwood Estate Swords - The Taffic Problem.

Foxwood Swords
Foxwood Before The Parking Problem

Report on the ongoing traffic problems in the Foxwood estate. This is where the staff from the Pavilions Shopping Centre continue to park in the estate to avoid the charges for parking at the Pavillions.
Fingal County Council March 2012
Foxwood was recently re-examined by the traffic section and while significant non resident parking was observed it is not recommended that furthur double yellow lines be placed in the estate. The relevant extract from the traffic report on Foxwood Traffic Reads As Follows.
The road servicing Foxwood estate is 7.3.m in width, the parking takes place aong the south side of the road along the walled section is taking an average of 2.1 meters off the road width and the same can be taken for the opposite side. This leaves an available lane of 3.1 m. The absolute minimum lane width for cars and light vehicles is 2.5m and for buses and H.G.V. is 3.0m. This section of Foxwood has being examined a number of times and although signifcant parking is occuring along this section of the road reducing the lane width to 3 meters the movement of traffic is restricted but not obstructed. Areas where the parking is staggered on the North Side provide pull-in sections. This has the effect of slowing down traffic in the estate of Foxwood.
Double yellow lines have being provided at the entrance junction to ensure visibility is maintained and the parking restrected. Parking on the grass verge was not observed at the time of inspection. Although this kind of parking may be causing some inconvenience to residents who live there, the road width that is available can accomodate emergency  services and the movement of traffic in and out of the estate safely. The traffic section does not recommend any additional double yellow lines except in the 2 no. cul de sac's at the north west and south east of the estate where lining would help  required turning areas.
Consultations with The Garda and effected residents will take place prior to any lining being provided. Pay And Display may be considered in other parts of Foxwood . It is often the case that Pay And Display will displace parking to other areas and therefore is normally considered in an overall context of an area and not just specfic streets.
A survey of residents conducted in 2009 found that a large majorty of Foxwood residents were opposed to the Pay And Display parking in the estate. The provision of Pay And Display in Foxwood will be reconsidered by the traffic section should a clear majorty of residents indicate their preference for such a measure.

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