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Parking In Swords

Parking In Swords And How Much It Costs.

Main Street.

Pay and display is in operation from The Estuary Pub on North Street to Pinnock Hill Roundabout, a distance of km1.5.

The charge per hour is €1 . All day parking is not allowed on Main Street. The hours of operation are from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Saturday. It's free to park after 6pm and all day Sunday.


If you are leaving your car over night on the Main Street you can buy a pay and display ticket the night before and place it on the car dashboard. This ticket will cover you from 8am to 10am the next day. No Clamping


Parking Outside Eddie Rockets.

Parking along this stretch outside Eddie Rockets is managed by a private company. If you don't pay for parking along here you may get clamped.


At The Pavilions.

When entering the Pavilions shopping centre you'll go through a barrier and receive a ticket. You must validate this ticket at the exit door [Vodafone store side] to be able to get your car out.

The first 2 hours are free.

2-3 hours €1
3-4 hours €2.50
4-5 hours €6.00
5-6 hours €7.50
Every hour afte €7.50
If you loose your ticket
it will cost you €20.00
to get your car out

No Clamping At Pavilions


At J.Cs Shopping Centre.

 It's free to park here but the gate gets closed when the shop closes, so if you leave your car here you wont be able to get it until 9am the following day. No Clamping Here.


At Town Centre Mall.
There is no parking allowed on the road where the mall is. If you do decide to park along this road there's a good chance you'll get clamped within 5 minutes as the clamping van is always nearby.
Parking On Chapel Lane.
The Chapel lane operates a pay and display system. It's €1 per hour. There are  several ticket machines located on this road from The Star Pub to St. Colmcilles National School. The hours of operation are from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Saturday. It's free to park after 6pm and all day Sunday. As with the Main Street this pay and display is operated by Fingal County Council with parking wardens on the lookout from 9am to 6pm. No Clamping.
Behind The Star Pub
In the car park behind the star the charges are €1 per hour and it's in operation 24 hours a day. There is clamping in operation with the release fee being €100. The company who operate this place on behalf of Fingal Council are Euro Car Parks. Phone 01 8908320 should you need to get a clamp released.  €5 will get you all day parking.
Parking Penalties
If you do not display a ticket while parking along Main Street or Chapel Lane or if the time on the ticket runs out you stand a good chance of getting a €40 ticket. If you park in a disable bay you will be fined €80 if you are not displaying a disable sign on your dashboard.
The Estuary Pub
It's free to park in The Estuary Pub Car park if you are customer using the pub to eat or drink. Remember to ask the bar staff for a display card to place on the dashboard of your car. If you do decide to park in the car park and you are not using the pub you may get clamped. The release fee for the clamp is €120. There are signs warning about clamping in the car park. The management had little choice in implementing this action as drivers who were working nearby and those using the café and betting office were clogging up the few spaces available which left no room for the customers of the pub.
Parking In The Underground Car Park.
There is an underground park on New Street which runs parallel with Main Street. It costs €1 per hour. or  €4 per day. You pay the charge when you return to the car park at the machine.
Penneys Car Park
The underground car park at Pennies costs €1 per hour. The entrance is on the Main Street just south of the Malahide Road on the left if travelling from the North. [ Opposite The Roxy Diner ]
Lord Mayors Pub
Parking is free to customers who are using the pub to eat or drink. No Clamping.
Airside Retail Park. This area is free for shoppers all day. But if you park here over night you may get clamped. Example is anybody using this place while going to The Wright Venue and decides to leave their car over night in the retail park. Others who have used it as a Park And Ride area while getting the bus into the city have also being clamped.
Loading Bays
There's a loading bay outside Audrey's shop near The Carnegie Court Hotel. It's hours of operation are 8am - 6pm Monday - Saturday.  Another loading bay is located close to the 44 hotel which also operates 8am - 6pm Mon. to Sat.  The loading bay outside Centra on the main street operates from 7am - 10am Mon. to Sat. Another ''Shared'' loading bay is on the left facing Swords Castle. This bay is shared with Dublin Bus as a bus stop / loading area. A loading area is strictly for those who are loading or unloading goods using commercial vehicles. If you use these spaces and are not seen to be loading, even if it's a commercial vehicle you may get a ticket.
And Finally - A Tip
It's an offence to park in a disabled bay anywhere in Ireland. Be it a street, shopping centre, hotel even if it's on private property. The Garda have the right to issue a ticket to anybody parking in these disabled areas who don't display the disable card on the window / dashboard. People assume because it's a shopping centre and they are only popping in for a few minutes that its alright. Wrong.

Parking Back In The News Again - 14th November 2013


Forsters Way, Swords, Car Park behind the Star Pub - From Fingal County Council
Private car parks require planning permission which may be subject to
conditions. Such conditions have to relate to the proper planning and
sustainable development of the area, as set out in the County Development
Plan. The opening hours of a private car park may be considered as part of
the planning consent process, in that they may impact on residential
amenity. However, the enforcement process in a private car park, has no
impact on proper planning or sustainable development and is, therefore, not
appropriate for conditions.

Private car park operators have no legal means for enforcing payment other
than clamping. The effect of the Motion, therefore, would be to facilitate free
parking on private property for the days and hours specified. There may be
significant parking demand associated with late-night-shopping, cinemas,
restaurants, and pubs. The effect of the Motion could be to reduce the
commercial viability of the business, for no planning reason. Such a condition
might be open to a claim for compensation.
In summary, it would be inappropriate to impose a condition that effectively
requires a business to provide its services free-of-charge for significant
periods of time each week. It should also be noted that it there is no process
by which the Council could unilaterally and retrospectively apply such a
condition to an existing car park.

This follows a question put down by Councillor D. Butler.

Car Park Charges For Behind Star Pub Chapel Lane
Car Park Charges For Behind Star Pub Chapel Lane

Traffic In Swords
Anybody that lived in Swords during the 1970s and early 80s would remember the large volume of traffic coming down Main Street Swords, this was mainly dew to there being no by-pass for the town and every vehicle heading northbound had to pass through the Main Street.
Today little has changed on the Main Street even though a by-pass was built in the early 1980s and another in the form of a motorway, the M1 which was completed 2005.
The local authority which is Fingal County Council seems oblivious to the large volumes of traffic which passes through the town,  I find this strange considering their head office is situated on Main Street.
The council have not come up with a plan to alleviate the severe congestion.
Parking Bays
A closer inspection of the traffic congestion reveals a few answers.
The first being the parking bays, reversing from a parking bay into a main thoroughfare is fraught with danger for starters, your view of approaching vehicles is impaired by the parked vehicle in the next parking bay beside yours, but that is just a safety observation.
These parking spots are notorious for impeding the flow of traffic down a main street, when someone reverses from these parking bays the whole street must come to a stand still for one car, that fact alone ads considerably to the flow of traffic.
Traffic Signals
With five sets of traffic signals within a three hundred meter stretch of a main Street there will surely be congestion if the traffic lights signal system is not set to reflect the volume travelling in any given direction. this seems to be another one of the reasons why the traffic is constantly built up on Main Street. The signal system is not set correct. The signals at the junction of Malahide Road and Main St. has a pedestrian crossing build into the signal change which comes on at each change, this is to say that every time the traffic lights rotate the pedestrian green man comes on regardless if any pedestrian presses the button to cross. On average pedestrians will cross here at every fifth interval during daytime, every tenth time during evenings, and every twenty times night time. So why have a pedestrian signal coming on when nobody wants to cross the road ?
The traffic signals at the junction of Bridge/North St and the Main Street also apply this hold up signal system. If these two items were given some attention the traffic congestion would be halved.
Update August 2009 the set of pedestrian lights at the Star pub have now being removed and the traffic is moving that little bit better. Now lets work on the parking problem on main street.

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