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Pavilions Taxi Rank

The Pavilions Taxi Rank In Swords

The Pavilions Taxi Rank Swords is a private taxi rank which is operated by the management of The Pavilions. It operates 24 hours a day even though the shopping center closes at 9pm most days. This rank is the only one that operates what's knows as ''A Revolving Rank'' , which means if there are no spaces for taxies trying to get onto the rank they drive around until a space becomes available. The drivers will circle between the two roundabouts. Problems arise when another driver comes on the scene who has not been on The Revolving Rank and slips into a spot on the rank that has just become available. Tensions run strong as some new divers who are not familiar with the system take onother driver's position he has been waiting for.
Most of the taxi drivers who use The Pavilions rank are freelance drivers. A freelance driver is someone who is not affiliated with a cab company. Other drivers who use this rank are part timers or retired men looking to earn some extra money towords their pensions. Back to The Pavilions Shopping Centre

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