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Post Box At Knocksedan

A Saorstát Eireann Post box at The Coach House
near Knocksedan Swords. When the Irish Free State
[ Saorstát Eireann ] came into being in 1922 the
Imperial Red paint on the pillar boxes ware painted
over with Republican Green paint.
The crown and monarch were left in the top panel but the door panels were replased with the harp and initials  S.E. , Saorstát Eireann. This rare bax at Knocksedan has the initials of King Edward V11.

The wall in which the post box is embedded forms
part of The Coach House which was a public house
in the 18th and 19th centuries. Coaches coming and
going to Belfast would stop here for rest and
refreshments. The post box is one of the few
remaining in the country from the King Edward time
that have the initials S.E. engraved into the
metal. The letters on the top E R Edward VII
(1901-1910)  The road in which this old post box is located is the R108 otherwise known as The Naul Road and it used to be the main road from Dublin to Belfast in days of yore.

A Saorstát Eireann Post Box

Pencil Drawn By Brendan Scally

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