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The Jacko

The Jacko -The Ward River Valley Swords

The Jacko is a nick-name for The Ward River that flows through Swords Co. Dublin. It's not known how the name ''Jacko'' is attributed with this part of the river. The correct title for this area is The Ward River Valley Park which was named by Dublin County Council which became ''Fingal'' . The name Jacko dates back to at least the 1960's and it's this river that local boys learned how to swim. But not only was it used for swimming, the local children were often sent down to the Jacko to wash themselves. This was during the 1960's and up until the 70's when no mains water was instaled in most of the houses around Swords. Parents send their children equipped with a bar of carbolic soap across the fields and down to the river to wash.
Today The Jacko forms part of The Ward River Vally Park which has a children's playground. This park came into existence in the early 1980's and the land up until then was ''Common Land'' where locals would graze cattle.
Fingal County Council erected two bridges across the river for easy access and safety reasons. Getting into the park is easy as there are plenty of access points. From the Brackenstown Road [Walking] travel up past the Protestant Church and turn left. Onwards for two hundred meter and the lane on the left ''Hangman's Lane'' takes you to the park. The name ''Hangman's Lane'' is the nickname for this lane as it's said this is where criminals were taken many years ago to be hanged from a big tree.

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