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Brendan Ryan Dail Speech


Brendan Ryan spoke in the Dáil today on the issue of suicide prevention. In his speech, Ryan highlighted three possible areas on which the government’s suicide prevention strategy can focus: (1) Primary care within the community (2) Raising suicide awareness among young people through direct education in schools and (3) Tackling the stigmatisation of suicide.  
“There is no doubt we are experiencing a public health emergency in relation to suicide. Every week 10 people on average lose their lives to suicide; more than one person every day. This is a shocking figure” said Ryan.
 “It is vital, as set out in the programme for government, that we ensure people have access to psychologists and counsellors in the primary care setting. Also, it is vital the deconstruction of the old system of acute cases being sent to asylum-era institutions, such as St Ita’s in Portrane, needs to be accelerated. ”
Ryan continued “there must be a commitment from this government to deliver on the education of young people on the issues of suicide awareness. Schools can play a key role in this, with improved in-service training for teachers aimed at spotting at risk children, much needed. Finally, we need to change the culture around suicide. For too long suicide has dwelled at the very edges of our national comfort zone. We need to change this as a matter of priority. This government needs to continue to support national awareness campaigns including the development of the letsomeoneknow.ie website. Only through understanding and care, at all levels, from the personal to the political, will we ever be able to successfully tackle suicide prevention”
For further information contact Deputy Ryan: (01) 618 3421

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