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Public Buildings In Swords Dublin

The Old Boro School, a long two storey stone building dashed with pebble plaster, fronting the Main Street, with a large bare playground in front and two entrance gates. This was the Protestant School, and at one time before the Catholic Schools were built, Catholics and Protestants used to attend this School. In the 1890's or 80's, the Catholic Boys and Girls School was built, a solid stone and slated two storey building; girls upstairs, and boys downstairs. Later, a brick and stone long one storey building was built for the girls and the girls were transferred to it, and the infant boys were put in the upper storey of the Boys' School.
Playgrounds front and rear were attached to these schools, and a field for football for the senior boys. The Catholic School (boys) was situated in Seatown Lane, and the Girls' School off North Street.
The Court House, a cut stone building, grim and solid, situated in North Street, below Ryans forge. Petty, sessions only were held here under the British Rule, presided over by a Bench of ]liagi.strates called Justices of the Peace - J.P.s, Minor offences, preliminary hearings for cases for the Higher Courts were the main business.
The Catholic Church, a stone church with pointed spire and arched windows with steps outside, leading to the entrance to the gallery and organ loft. Plain ordinary structure, no embelishments. The ceiaetary surrounded the Church. High ornamental gates were at the entrance.
The Protestant Church, situated on an eminence overlooking the town. Beside it stood a Norman tower of the twelfth or thirteenth century, built of stone with a striking clock and stairs to the platform on the summit. Beside this tower is one of the ancient round towers of Ireland, in perfect state of preservation. The Protestant Church was small with Gothic windows and minarets all around the edges of the roof. The four corners of the base of these minarets were decorated with the stone carved heads of the i narchs of England. This Church was built on the side of the old Abbey founded by St. Colmcille. The Protestant vandals cleared away the remains of the ancient Abbey. A few pictures of the old Abbey ruin are available.
The Parochial House, a fine red brick building standing in its own grounds in Seaton Lane.
The Catholic Curate's House, a nice red brick house situated in the Main Street, with gardens front and rere.
There were many fine Georgian Mansions in the vicinity of the town, occupied by gentry and land owners.
Swords House, the residence of Colonel Foster
in Swords Demesne.
Balheary House.
Mantira, in Seatowm Lane.
Lissen Hall, on the North Road.  Iandon, further on this Road.

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