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A Pair Of Brown Eyes lyrics chords

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A Pair Of Brown Eyes Lyrics And Chords By Shane MacGowan and The Pogues From one of the best songwriters in the world, The Pogues play this one in the key of Cmajor, always change the key to suit your own voice. Also recorded by Christy Moore. Tin whistle notes included.

The Pogues - A Pair Of Brown Etes

If you'd like to play along with The Pogues version then use the chords below. No capo, key of G Major for this version.
[G]One summer evening drunk as hell,
I [Am]sat there nearly [C]lifeless.
An [G]old man in the corner sang,
Where the [Am]water lilies grow.
And [G]On the jukebox Johnny sang,
A[Am]bout a thing called [C]love.
And it's [G]"how are you [Am]kid? [C]What's your [G]name?
And [C]how'd you bloody [Am]know

In[G] blood and death 'neath the screaming sky,
I[Am] lay down on the[C] ground,
And the[G] arms and legs of other men,
Were[Am] scattered all around,
Some[G] cursed some prayed some prayed then cursed,
Then[Am] prayed and bled some more,
And the[G] only [Am] thing that[C] I could[G] see,
Was a[G] pair of brown[Am] eyes that were[C] looking at [G]me,
But when we got[Am] back labelled[C] parts one to[G] three,
There was no pair of [Am] brown eyes[C] lookin at[G] me.
And a rovin'a[Am] rovin'a[C] rovin'I'll[G] go,
For a[C] pair of brown[Am] eyes.
I [G]looked at him he looked at me,
[Am]all I could do was [C]hate him,
While [G]Ray and Philomena sang
Of [Am] my elusive dreams,
I [G]saw the streams the rolling hils,
Where[Am] his brown eyes were [C]waiting,
And I [G]thought a[Am]bout a [C]pair of brown [G]eyes
That [C]waited once for [Am]me.
So [G]drunk to hell I left the place
Sometimes [Am]crawling sometimes [C]walking,
A [G]hungry sound came across the breeze
So I [Am]gave the walls a talking.
And I [G]heard the sound of long ago,
[Am]from the old [C]canal,
And the [G]birds were [Am]whistling [C]in the [G]trees,
Where the [C]wind was gently [Am]laughing.
And[G] a rovin,a[Am] rovin a[C] rovin I'll[G] go
And[G] a rovin,a[Am] rovin a[C] rovin I'll[G] go
And[G] a rovin,a[Am] rovin a[C] rovin I'll[G] go
For a[C] pair of brown[Am] eyes,
For a[C] pair of [Am] brown[G] eyes

The strumming pattern is Down - Down - Up - Down - Up - Down - Down- Up - Down - Up - Down - Down, and so on,

One[D] summer evening drunk to hell I[Em] sat there nearly[G] lifeless,
An[D] old man in the corner sang where the[G] water lilies[Em] grow,
And[D] on the juke box Johnny sang[Em] about a thing called[G] love,
And it's[D] how are you[Em] kid,[G]whats your[D] name,
And[G] how would you bloody[Em] know.
In[D] blood and death 'neath the screaming sky,
I[Em] lay down on the[G] ground,
And the[D] arms and legs of other men,
Were[G] scattered all a[Em]round,
Some[D] cursed some prayed some[G] prayed then [D]cursed,
Then[G] prayed and bled some[Em] more,
And the[D] only thing that[Em] I could[G] see,
Was a[D] pair of brown[Em] eyes that were[G] looking at [D]me,
But when we got[Em] back labelled[G] parts one to[D] three,
There was no[Em] pair of brown eyes[G] lookin at[D] me.
And a rovin'a[Em] rovin'a[G] rovin'I'll[D] go,
For a[G] pair of brown[Em] eyes.
I looked at him he looked at me,all I could do was hate him,
While Ray and Philomena sang of my elusive dreams,
I saw the streams the rolling hils,where his brown eyes were waiting,
And I thought about a pair of brown eyes that waited once for me.
So drunk to hell I left the place sometimes crawling sometimes walking,
A hungry sound came across the breeze so I gave the walls a talking.
And I heard the sound of long ago,from the old canal,
And the birds were whistling in the trees,
Where the wind was gently laughing.
And[D] a rovin,a[Em] rovin a[G] rovin I'll[D] go for a[G] pair of brown[D] eyes,
For a[G] pair of brown[D] eyes.

Tin Whistle Notes
D     G    A     B     G    B        D D    G A   B       A     G  
One summer evening drunk to hell  I  sat there nearly
E  G
D  G    A     B  G   B      D D      G        G   A  B   AG
An old man in the corner sang where the water lilies
D     G  A   B      G    B      D D       G A   B A      G
And on the juke box Johnny sang about a thing called
G    E    D     D   D    E    G    A        G     G
And it's how are you kid and whats your name,
AB   C      B     A    G  G  
And ho'd  you bloody know.
D G       A     B        A        A    B      D       D
In blood and death 'neath the screaming sky,
GA  B        A  G    E
I lay down on the ground,
D     D    G      A    B      G B  D  D
And the arms and legs of other men,
G       A     B      A   G   E
Were scattered all around,
G    E D  D  D E   G  A G  G  G
And a rovin'a rovin'a rovin'I'll go,
A    B  C    B  A   G  E G 
For a pair of brown eyes.

Pair Of Brown Eyes

"It's just about a guy getting pissed at a bar round here," says Shane nonchalantly. "He's getting pissed because he's broken up with this bird and... you know how it is when you just go into a pub on your own to drink and it's really quiet and you get this old nutter who comes over and starts rambling on you. So this old guy starts on about how he came back from the war, the First World War. Or the Second. One of them anyway. And he tells him about the ship he had out there and how he got out and came back and this girl had fucked off with someone else, a girl with a pair of brown eyes. Which is the same situation as the young guy sitting there listening to all this rubbish and the juke box playing Johnny Cash and Ray Lyman and Philomena Begley, classic London juke box tracks. And in the end he gets to the stage where he says fuck it, and he goes stumbling out of the pub and he walks along the canal and starts feeling really bad, on the verge of tears, and he starts realising that the old guy has had a whole fucking lifetime of that feeling, going through the war and everything, but his original reaction is to hate him and despise him. I'm not saying he goes back and starts talking to him but you know... "

Andrew Rankin

I'm playing in a hugh marquee in Belguim
on a Saturday night in 1995. The spirit
of The Killing Fields lingers. That day
I had found the name of my granduncle
Joe Sheeran on the memorial wall at ypres.
He hailed from the Cotton Mills on the
Boyne Banks near Yellow Furze not far from
Senchelstown, on the low road between
Navan and Slane. I got very emotional during
this rendition. All the old people came back
to me as I canted. My head was full of ghosts
and my heart was aching with loneliness as I
stood before 10,000 Belgians and a few drunk
Paddies and delivered Shane's words on that
balmy night. A Pair Of Brown Eyes. Christy Moore
Box Set- Christy's Thoughts.


The Pogues

A Pair Of Brown Eyes lyrics chords tab


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