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Irish Folk Songs Lyrics And Guitar Chords C-FThe only reason this site is here is to keep the Irish folk/ballad scene alive.If any songwriter  has a problem with their work been displayed here let me know and it will be removed.But I believe from an artists prospective to encourage others to preform their songs at school,collage,pub or club is of great promotional value

As the Wolfe Tones say ''Let the people sing their stories and their songs and the music of their native land''Learn the songs join a band,get a session going in your local pub or club.Ask your local radio station to play Irish folk songs , lets keep our songs alive

All the lyrics here have been credited to who wrote them or if traditional then to whoever singer/band made them famous.Please let me know if you have any info./background on a song that may be of interest , any requests just email me or use the guestbook . The chords/tabs have been kept easy, mostly just three chords.If you have written an Irish or folk song and want it published, send it to me, lots of novice and established songwriters have already.

Paddy Reilly/The Dubliners Lyrics
The Johnstons/Christy Moore
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Paddy Reilly
Celtic Thunder lyrics, chords
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From Galway
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Trad/ Jim McCann/Johnny McEvoy
Trad. The Dubliners Ronnie Drew
Brendan Shine 
Ron Rackley
Delia Murphy
Trad. / Cherish The Ladies
Paddy Kelly
Richard Farrelly
Christmas Song
The Real McKenzies
The Men They Couldn't Hang
Conal Gallen

Carry My Up To Galway

Down By The Sally Gardens

Down At The Old Bull And Bush

Dublin Town In 1962

Dublin City Ramblers-Pete St.John
Val Doonican
The Johnstons
The Irish Rovers
Les Miserables
Hannes Wader [ German Folk Song]
Dublin Football Song
Ewan McColl/The Dubliners/The Pogues
Peadar Kearney
The Clancys
Trad.Delia Murphy
Andrew Cherry
Dubliners/Wolfe Tones
The Kinks/Luke Kelly
Paddy Reilly
Derek Warfield
Michael Peter Smith
Leo Maguire / Paddy Reilly

paddy reilly

The Dropkick Murphy's
Paddy Reilly
The Wolfe Tones/Susan McCann
Ryans Fancy
The Battlefield Band
John Conolly/The Wolfe Tones
Pete St.John/Paddy Reilly/The Dubliners
Liam Reilly / Dublin City Ramblers
Martin Dardis
John Gibbs
The Wolfe Tones
The Wolfe Tones
Luke Kelly
Iain MacKintosh/Harry Chapin
B.Warfield/Wolfe Tones
Andy Stewart - Scottish folk song
Mike Scott/The Waterboys
Ralph McTell/The Fureys
Irish rebel
The Barleycorn/Kathleen Largey

The Forgotten Children

The Emigrants Story

Hi Martin. love your site.only took up the guitar a few years back. I like alot of music but my real love is Irish folk and ballads.i always knew i could hold a tune but adding the guitar has giving mei much pleasure. am constantly looking to learn songs and this site is invaluable. I live in Tipperary and the local radio Tipp Mid West is great for the folk and ballads.I would agree with you and guess this stuff is rarely played anywhere nationwide. there are 1 or 2 two piece bands doing the round locally but are no youngsters. In fact i had an add running in the radio last week-and last year too looking for musicians and singers interested in ballads and folk with the view of forming a band and got no reply which was disappointing. At the moment i would not have enough of strong songs to cover a 2 hour gig by myself so i would dearly like to hook up with someone locally and get into the scene.but until it happens I will continue to use your site and keep practicing. It is important to keep these songs out there and there is unquestionably a listenership for them.keep up the good work.
If there's anybody out there who wants to join Conor to form a ballad / folk group around the Tipperary area then email him

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