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Fergal O'Hanlon lyrics

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Fergal O'Hanlon Song Lyrics-Irish Rebel, The author was Maitiu O Cinneide. He wrote the lyrics to the tune of Terry O Neill, shortly after Feargal's death.  Maitiu was a cousin-in-law of Feargal's (married to his first cousin), and had also taught Feargal when he was at school in Monaghan town. His wife (Feargal's first cousin) Deirdre O Cinneide (Deirdre Donnelly) recorded the song on 78 disc, in the late 50s I believe, information by  Blathnaid Ni Chinneide.. This was recorded by Declan Hunt. Fergal was a member of the Pearse column of the I.R.A. and was killed along with Sean South while taking part in an ambush on an R.U.C. station. This is the second song on the site about Fergal, the other being The Patriot Game.

Oh hark to the tale of young Fergal O'h-Annluan
Who died in Brookboro' to make Ireland free
For his heart he had pledged to the cause of his country
And he took to the hills like a bold rapparee
And he feared not to walk to the walls of the barracks
A volley of death poured from window to door
Alas for young Fergal, his life blood for freedom
Oh Brookboro' pavements profused to pour
When the smoke and the dim from the battle was over
And Fergal was borne by his comrades away
He asked them to fly from that place and take cover
But he died in the hands of the foe that day
God strike from your hands all your hierlings and traitors
The weopens that murdered our brave volunteer
God grant us our freedom, the dreams of O'hAnnluain
And lift from our valleys all sorrow and fear

Other men who took part in the raid were -.
From Galway Sean Scott And Mick Kelly.
From Limerick Sean South.
From Fermanagh Pat Tierney And Pat Connolly.
From Monaghan Fergal O'Hanlon.
From Armagh Vincent Conlon.
From Wexford Harry Gough
From Cork Dave O'Connell
From Dublin, Sean Garland Liam Nolan, Pat O'Regan,
Phil O'Donoghue And Mick O'Brien

Fergal O'Hanlon Guitar Chords
Oh (G)hark to the tale of young (C)Fergal O'(D)h-Annluan
Who (G)died in Brook(Em)boro' to (G)make Ireland (D)free
For his (G)heart he had (Bm)pledged to the (C)cause of his (D)country(D7)
And he (G)took to the (C)hills like a (D)bold rappa(G)ree
And he (D)feared not to walk to the (C)walls of the (G)barracks
A volley of (Em)death poured from (G)window to (D)door
A(G)las for young (Bm)Fergal, his (C)life blood for (D)freedom(D7)
Oh (G)Brookboro' (C)pavements (D)profused to (G)pour
When the (G)smoke and the dim from the (C)battle was (D)over
And (G)Fergal was (Em)borne by his (G)comrades a(D)way
He (G)asked them to (Bm)fly from that (C)place and take (D)cover(D7)
But he (G)died in the (C)hands of the (D)foe that (G)day
God (D)strike from your hands all your (C)hierlings and (G)traitors
The weapens that (Em)murdered our (G)brave volun(D)teer
God (G)grant us our (Bm)freedom, the (C)dreams of O(D)'hAnnluain(D7)
And (G)lift from our (C)valleys all (D)sorrow and (G)fear


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