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Football And Hurling Songs Of The G.A.A.

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Football And Hurling Banner Songs From The G.A.A. Here's a few banner or otherwise football and hurling songs to start with, I'll be colecting more over time. There's already a section on the site for Soccer lyrics so it was only fitting that our national sports of Gaelic football and hurling got it's own section. If you have any auld G.A.A. songs in your head and would like them to be on the site then please send them to me. I hope to have at least one song from each county before long.

About the all time legent
who played hurling for Cork.
Tyrone Football Song
Louth Football Song
From Tyrone
Wolfe Tones - Dublin V Offaly
Red Rooster Cork Football
Brothers and Seay Healy song for 2011
final between Dublin And Kerry

The Merry Ploughboys

The Corrigan Brothers Tribute To Pat Gilroy's
Dublin Football Team

Bros. And Shay Healy

Song about the Dubs. and Kevin Heffernan
as sang by The Memories

Up The Dubs [ Poem ]

Come On Home Kilkenny song lyrics

Come On Kerry Live The Dream

I'll try and gather as many Gaelic football and the hurling songs as I can
to have them all in the one place,here. I'm a hugh fan myself of the G.A.A.
and what it stands for in Ireland, so this will be my small contribution to
the promotion of another part of our great heritage and traditions.
Gaelic football and hurling is followed with a passion by it's supporters.
The supporters are unlike any other sports fans, be it soccer, rugby or any other.
The reason for this I put down to the grass roots level of support the game
enjoys. It stems from every parish and townland in Ireland with most towns
having two or three teams.They start young with Gaelic football and hurling,
some as young as five years old, especially the hurlers. It's a tough physical
game and the body has to acclimatise the the punishment it will receive. You know the summer is here when you hear the R.T.E. song for the championship,,,,glory days,,the pub banter and slagging.

A lot of the songwriters here claim Sam Maguire for their own county using lyrics such as ''Bring Sam Home To Dublin, Kerry, Donegal'' and so on. In fact Sam came from near Dunmanway in Co. Cork. But sure it's just a bit of craic.


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