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Derek Ryan Lyrics And Chords

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Derek Ryan Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords

I created this special section for Derek Ryan's song as a large amount of visitors to the site came looking for his songs. They were already in the Country Section but I thought it better to make a new section considering how many guitar players were playing his songs and place them all in the same place. If your a fan and have guitar chords to any of Derek's songs, can you please send them to me at

Angel Of The Night

Busking Balladeer


Raggle Taggle Gypsy

Home From The Sea

Nothing Hurts Like A Heartache

Flowers In Your Hair

The House That Jack Built

Hold On To Your Hat

Broken Hearted Road

What Dancin's For

Simple Things Album By Derek Ryan

Congratulations On The Biggest Selling Album Derek
The biggest selling album in Ireland for the week ending Friday the 5th of September 2014 was ''The Simple Things'' by Derek Ryan. I don't know how many records were sold to get the top spot in Ireland but I'm sure my little contribution helped in a small way.  yes I actually buy the C.D. rather than download from itunes.  You'll always get little bits of info. that you don't get from down loading when you get the C.D. into your hand. Derek has been promoting  this new C.D. for the past 2 weeks by visiting record shops around the country and signing copies. Derek does deserve all of his success he receives. He's one of the hardest working musicians / songwriters in Ireland today. Himself and the band are constantly touring and when Derek's not on the road he's writing and recording new songs. And by the way, when we say the ''Biggest Selling Album'' this includes genre of music, not just country.

Track list from Derek's new album The Simple Things.
[1] Hold on to your hat, Written by Derek and David Oliver
[2] What dancin's for Written by Derek and Eoin Glackin
[3] The simple things Zane Williams
[4] I fought the lay, The Clash / Curtis
[5] Flowers in your hair, Written by Derek and David Oliver
[6] Waitin' on a sunny day, Bruce Springsteen
[7] The house that Jack built, Adam Harvey
[8] Cry, Written by Derek
[9] The ferryman, Pete St. John
[10] Lighting bolt, Jake Bugg
[11] Walking after midnight, Hecht and Block / Patsy Cline
[12] Busking balladeer, Written by Derek and David Oliver
[13 Desperado, The Eagles / Don Henley / Frey
[14] Pick a bale of cotton, A Traditional song
[15] Will ye go lassie go, McPeake's

I had a look at Derek Ryan's tour schedule for the summer months and was astonished at the amount of gigs his band are playing. Derek and his band are playing over 40 gigs in a 2 month tour from the 17th of June to 17 August with many more lined up. There are very few bands on the Irish circuit who could match that amount of shows.

Derek and band are one of the most sought after acts in Ireland, and I'm not just talking about country music. I'm talking about all singers and groups. Who would have thought a few years ago that Irish country music would have taken the country by storm. But Derek is not the only one making it big, all the country singers and bands have seen an upsurge in popularity in recent times.

Dance halls around Ireland are packed out most nights of the week, especially the large venues who for years have been known as ''Country Music Venues''. The bands have being helped in no small way by Glor Tir, the Irish Country Music Talent Contest.
But there are several other reasons why country music has gotten more popular in Ireland, Irish people love to dance and there's no better acts to dance to than upbeat country songs.
Reason 3 is the fact that the music is ''live'' , you won't find many preformers using the dreaded backing tracks while playing country songs except for the ''Pub Acts'' , you know the one's I'm talking about. It's usually a 2 piece outfit using a keyboard and with a touch of a single finger he'll have a whole orchestra backing him up. These people will even advertise themselves as a ''Live Gig''. Some will even use backing harmonies to back up their own voice while pretending they are preforming live music.

 Anyway back to the reason why Country songs have seen a resurgence. Another reason is the demise in the amount of pop and folk groups doing the rounds in Ireland, a lot of the big name groups have either stopped playing or simply in the case of The Dubliners, all died off. Bagatelle still preform but on a much smaller scale than before with one of the reason's being that hardly anybody was coming to their shows. I was at a Bagatelle gig several years ago in Wexford and the only people there were the 5 people who travelled to the show with myself.

The Fureys only play a hand full of Gigs in Ireland nowadays. The Wolfe Tones are set to retire next year. Mary Black has only 1 gig advertised on her website for 2013. The Dublin City Ramblers, what's left of them are based in Spain and don't do any Irish gigs. The Clancy Brothers have all passed on. All this left a gap in the Irish music scene which has being filled by country music bands because the Irish love live music. You only have to see all the ads running in the Sunday World every week to see how popular these groups have become. There are festivals running all around Ireland in the large towns showcasing the best in Irish country music. I place these lyrics here to let those who have not yet given the music a chance to have a listen as I have included a youtube video where available to let you have a listen.

Derek Ryan Singer

Derek lived in London for seven years. During that time he says he was missing home and that his music wasn't going the way he wanted it to go. Derek wrote the song 100 numbers about this time in his life, like having all these numbers in your phone and all these facebook friends, but at the end of the day he was missing home life, so he decided to move back home.

Derek says he grew up listening to country music and playing it came natural to him,
his favorites were Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash and Kenny Rogers. Derek's pop career started when he was 17 years old in Dublin while he was still at school. As soon as his school exams were over himself and the rest of the boys jumped on a plane and headed for London and got signed up to Warner Music.

The group done all the big stages in England including Top Of The Pops for The B.B.C. They also done a tour of Europe including
Germany and Sweden. The group had a number 1 hit song in Japan. They headed to America for some recording work, Derek says it was a bit of a roller coaster experience at the time, living the
Rock And Roll life style.

After his pop group broke up Derek went back to collage for more studies but was still doing some gigs in London at that time. Most of the songs from his first album were written while he was living in London but it wasn't until he returned to Ireland that he released the album Country Soul.

Derek Ryan On Guitar


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