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The Fureys Lyrics And Chords

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The Furey Brothers And Davie Arthur Song Lyrics And Chords

Jimmy McCarthy song
Finbar Furey
Paddy Houlihan

Kieth Hancock song
Khan / Finbar Furey
Paul Ashford song
Written By Pat McKernan
Ralph McTell song
Finbar Furey song
George Furey song
M.Swan / D.Doyle The Fureys Song
Gerry Rafferty
Gerry Fleming
Tom Paxton song
Traditional Scotish song

George Furey
If you need a great guitar player to back a song or a tune then George Furey is your man. His poetic fingers forever searching the instrument he loves to produce the pure liquid tone as sweet as honey. From fast reels to slow airs and anti war songs which cry out for peace. These are the sounds no one else can feel as well as George Furey. When Paul left home to form the group ''The Buskers'' , George joined his father, out of all the boys he was to stay the longest with the father Ted. And being with the old man such a lenght of time he gathered most of the tunes and songs from from his teacher, Ted Furey. George is also a fine singer and songwriter and also inherits banjo and mandolin which he is equally at home with. George is a very happy man and very proud of his music and family.
Eddie is the oldest of The Fureys and is mostly known from being with the duo Eddie And Finbar Furey from the 1960s and 70s. Eddie started his music from a very young age . By the time he left school he was a fine fiddle player and had won several titles with his brother, Finbar at Fieadh Cheoils around Ireland. At the age of 16 he gave up the fiddle and found his through vocation as a singer, songwriter and collector of music. With his guitar and Finbar's pipes he created a whole new sound in folk music. Their brand of music triggered off a whole new wave, they were the rebels of the purists, and were soon joined by such groups as, Planxty, The Bothy Band, etc. Without Eddie's influence on his brother Finbar, the new wave of folk music of the 60s and 70s might not have come to be, that's Eddie Furey.
Terry Bradford
Terry has worked on and off with the Fureys for many years having written many songs for them, including their hugely popular.Through The Eyes Of An Irishman. He has also produced many albums for them including 21 Years On...My Fathers House & Today

P.Cartner / D.Black song
Phil Coulter song
Phil Coulter song
Pat Cooksky song
Traditional Song
Finbar Furey tune
The Fureys
Finbar Furey
Finbar Furey
M.Flaherty / Finbar Furey
Phil Coulter
Finbar And Mary Black
James Thornton

Finbar Furey

How Davie Arthur Joined The Fureys
Finbar and Eddie were in the middle of a break at the Edinburgh Arts Festival in 1967 when a skinny lad with a cheey smile came up to them and said, ''I want to play music like that'' , He was very insistant so Finbar told him to go to his father and mother in Ballyfermot, Dublin. They forgot all about him . Four years passed and Eddie and Finbar returned from America to find the same young boy, now a fully grown young man still living with their parents in Dublin and able to play the hardest of music with the greatest musicians in Ireland. His name is David Arthur. His mother's people came from Gweedore, Co, Donegal, all of them traditional musicians. He needed the music brought out of him and again the master was there to help him do so. Davie is a great music man and known as King Of The Strings.
Paul Furey - If you want to form a band the first thing you need is a an anchor man. Paul Furey was the third eldest of The Furey Brothers and without him the drive of the group's music would lack spirit. He was also a compleat musician at an early age, learning accordion from his mother, Nora who was a fine accordion and banjo player, and devoeloping his own unique style on spoons and bodhran. Nora was always a great booster to the boys, but especially her third eldest Paul. During the years Finbar and Eddie were away touring Paul joined his father Ted on the road to form a duo and together they worked all around Ireland playing in sessions and concerts. A lot of people still have fond memories of Paul and Ted, a lovely lad and the best spiller of a yarn you ever heard.

Furey Brothers And Davie Arthur

use the search box below if you want a particular song. If you have any Fureys songs worked out for guitar and want to share them with other fans please send them to me to include here with the chords built into the lyrics like I use here, lets pass on what we know so we can help other guitar players starting out. The bann have been together for over 30 years now, Finbar left the group in 1996 and Paul passed away in 2002. George, Eddie and Davey Arthur along with Luke Crowley and Dominic Leech continue on and are as good as ever.


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