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Lonely One Lyrics

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Lonely One Lyrics. The Text and Music from Finbar Furey on the Lp. Folk Friends June 1978.Finbar does a lovely job on this song of his.The song is about a Folk Singer describing the Feelings and Situations which crop up when playing in different City's & Towns while on tour.He remembers one special face of a Girl who he met the year before while on tour and her sweet smile comes back to his memory.He sings for her this Song. This one was sent in by Patrick Burke who has contributed many songs to the site.

Lonely one, you're cloud will change
And the one that smiles for you
She waits for you.
You brought her here to sing your song
And you gave her back some happy years.

You sang your song so tenderly
You filled her up with tears
You laughed with her when she smiled
You drove away her fears.
You gave to her your very heart
As you stood there on your own.
You taught her how to feel again
Yes you did, Oh lonely one.

The crowd have gone,
You've sung your song
And now you feel the emptiness
As you sit back stage.
You take your time to pack your gear,
Then you think of the one
You saw last year.

You sit and think of what you played,
The last time you were here.
And you think of all
That's been and gone
Christ, You've gained another year.
You wonder when it will all end
It fills you full of fear
Of all the lonely nights you've had,
The parties and the cheers.

Take your guitar, walk to a bar,
There you see some friends
That you played for.
They shake your hand,ask you to sing,
But then you see
The one you saw last year.

Forgotten fears that you once had
Have drifted far away
Another town, another place.
Tomorrow you must play.
But for now you're content
To sit and talk with her
You tell her that you've seen her face
So many times this year.


Lonely one, you're cloud will change,
And the one that smiles for you,
She waits for you.

Folk Friends, were a group of Friends from around the world who had the same interest at heart during 1960s & the 70s In keeping the songs and the music of their homelands alive. Finbar Furey & Davey Arthur Ireland,
( Derroll Adams USA R.I.P. Feb. 2000) ( Alex Campbell Glasgow R.I.P. Jan 1987.)Guy & Candie Carawan USA. Guy brought the protest song to the students in USA 1960 (We shall overcome)Wizz Jones London, Werner Lämmerhirt & Hannes Wader Germany.


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