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Just like the other sections, there is a good mixture of folk, ballads, rebel, Celtic and traditional music here, including songs from The Clancy's, The Wolfe Tones, The Dublin City Ramblers, The Dubliners, Johnny McEvoy, The Pogues, Mary Black Charlie And The Bhoys and Gary Og. If you cant find the song lyrics here, have a look at the 'T-Z' section or use the Google search box below,  If a song title starts with a 'The' , then it's most likely in the T-Z lyric page. all the chords or tabs here are mostly just three easy chords, easy for the novice guitar player.

The Lidl Song Lyrics

Ken McGee
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My Forever Friend

My Old Man Said Follow The Van

Kitty Of Colraine

Luke Kelly
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Dennis Allen
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The following is a few heart felt words sent to me from Sean Connell in America whose appreciation for Irish folk music has grown substantially over the years thanks to this site.Thanks for the help. I wish I could shake your hand. I am 31 years old and have played the guitar since I was 15 or so. I have always been into folk music, I incorporated some Irish folk into my American folk. But I was never as focused on Irish music as I am now. I owe it all to you. I have been using this site for several years. I cant be sure how long. I think I was with you since real early because I have seen the site grow exponentially. I remember when it was alot smaller. I try to turn as many people on to it as possible. Anyway, this site alone has been the reason for my rapid learning of Irish folk, my confidence to go to the sessions, and reaching my ultimate goal of forming my own band with a fiddler and a mandolin/bohdran player with me on guitar and vocal. I cant thank you enough. I only hope we can have a session together someday. Keep up the good work, you are the only one who is doing it, and you are doing it for free, because you love Irish music, just like me--- Sean Connell RI USA originally from Boston

Jim McCann Grace

I would just like to say Thank You on behalf of all the budding Irish Folk singers and players out there who need sites like this.  It is very hard, as you know, to find places that have good, solid Folk songs in chords that us amateur guitar players can understand and play.  My brother and I are always on the look out for new songs we can play at our Hoolie nights at his house for our friends.  This is an awesome site!!  So once again Thank You and know that your work doesn't go unappreciated.
    Sincerely Your Fellow Folk Musician,
Excellent web site, I am new to learning the Irish pipes and am always looking for Tunes and I found some nice Tin Whistle tunes on your site I can play on the pipes. My grandfather was from Belfast, so I guess Irish music is deep in me because I really enjoy it
Thanks for the info on your web site
Bruce Caughey

Hi Martin,
It hardly seems right to say a simple "Thank You".  I grew up on the Avalon peninsula in Newfoundland and Irish music is part of the vernacular.  I've been playing (maybe just playing with?) the guitar for ~35yrs and I decided to try to learn to play tin whistle.  I found your site while looking for some whistle songs - what a thing of beauty!  My guitar collection just grew and I couldn't be happier to have found a site maintained by someone who clearly enjoys the beauty, history, poetry, and musicality of these songs.


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