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My Love Is A Tall Ship

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My Love Is A Tall Ship Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords by Jimmy Crowley. This lovely song is from a wonderfull singer and songwriter Jimmy Crowley from County Cork playing the Bouzouki The Asgard was a Brigantine sailing Ship used by the Irish Navy to train the sailors  It went down in the bay of biscay 2008.
She was called after a Jacht which smuggled weapons for the Irish Volunteers 1914. The song was written about Asgard 11 whish still is at the bottom of the sea. Plans to raise the ship were in full swing until the then minister for defence Willie O'Dea said it wouldn't happen under his watch. The cost at the time would have being around 
€ 4 million. Underwater divers had a look at the ship and found it to be in mostly good condition.

[G]My love is a [C]tall ship
 and a [D]sweet brigan[G]tine,
One of the [Em]old girls
 [C]seldom not [D]seen,
And she heaves to the [C]wind,
 [D]See how she [Em]glides
With stars in her [C]hair
 and [D]mist in her [G]eyes.
My love is a tall ship.
 No finer was seen,
many's the Ocean
 my true love has been,
And the wind in the rigging
 it whispers her name,
While Chris on the bows
watches o‘er the main.
So blow your breezes; blow
 farewell to the Asgard,
 See that lady go
 O'er the dark rolling sea

And haul on the sheets,Girls
 Make up the downhaul,
And step on the yards, lads,
 and mind ye don't fall.
stand by to brace, boys.
 Unfurl the topsail,
And we'll soon make her home
 on the watery vain.
(Chorus as above)
So blow ye breezes; blow
Farewell to the Asgard
 See that lady go
o'er the dark rolling sea.
My love is a tall ship
and a sweet brigantine,
One of the old girls
seldom Not seen,
And she heaves to the wind, boys
. see how she glides
With stars in her hair,
and mist in her eyes

asgard-11 ship

The great lock-out was now on in Dublin, we were intrested in it mainly to see how far it might push the authorities. It was then that we heard for the first time of James Connolly and his citizen army, I went around to Liberty Hall, I saw a soup kitchen which was set up be the Countess Markievicz, but no sign of General Connolly. I july the guns came at last for the volunteers. Thy had being bought by Roger Casement in Germany and brought to Howth in The Asguard by Erskine Childers and Mary Spring Rice. They were all converts from British imperialism to the cause of Ireland. Two of them were to die for it, Seamus was at howth that day and later helped to get them safely through the fields at Donnycarney, when the military police tried to block them at Clontarf they were sitting ducks because there was no ammunition in the guns and few of them knew how to use the Mausers anyway. Most of the guns they received that day they left with The Christian Brothers in Marino, a temporary holding place and the safest. A week later when the remainder of the 1,500 guns came to Kilcoole in Wicklow, Seamus with Liam Mellows, Con Colbert, Bulmer Hobson and some more, were again present. This time there was no interference.
The above account was by a survivor of the war in Ireland, Tomas O'Maoileoin of what he remembers of the arms at Howth.


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