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This site is a history of Ireland through songs. Singing and songwriting is a tradition in Ireland , It goes back hundreds of years , from the time of the bards[storytellers] to the modern folk/balladeer.
Songwriters throughout Ireland's history have written about every aspect of Irish life , from our troubled history under British rule , about the general strike of 1913 , about unemployment , hunger-strikes , the travelling community ,  about the evictions of families by cruel landlords , tales of drink , also anti drug tunes like Uncle Nobby's Steamboat , love, happy and sad stories , songs about the sea and our brave fishermen , and emigration to find a better life. hundreds more commemorating patriots and hero's.and plenty of Celtic tunes
These songs tell us a lot about who we are as a people and the hardship we endured to get to where we are today in this great country of ours. So pull up a chair, you're welcome to the best ballad session in the world.

Gypsy Queen

God Gave Me Wings - Gerry Carney

Tommy Skelly. Eire Og/Derek Warfield/Rebel
Paddy Reilly / Irish Rebel
Conal Gallen
Sean + Frank O'Meara/Jim McCann/Wolfe Tones
Traditional Rebel
Corrigan Brothers
The Pogues/The Dubliners/Ballad
Trad/Luke Kelly/Folk song
T.D.O'Sullivan / Rebel song
Trad. Bing Crosby / Love song
Steve Earle/Mundy/Sharon Shannon
Mandolin Tab Included
Irish love song
Dubliners/The Pogues
The Wild Geese
Men The Couldn't Hang
Old Folk Song
Irish Rebel song
The Clancys/The Pogues/Sea Shanty
Bridie Gallagher / Love song
Seoirse MacDomhaill
Tom Corcoran
The Fureys / Folk song
Foster And Allen /
Holy song
Trad. Folk

Old folk song
Trad. English ballad
Folk song
Sean McBride/Paul Brady
trad. The Chieftains / The Pogues
Ron Rackley
Phil Coulter
Tribute To This Site By Angela Koch 

H-Block To Maghaberry

Heartbeat By Kasey Smith [ Eurovision Song ]

Her Mantle So Green

The following is another email from a regular to the site with words of encouragment,,,,Thanks Keith
I wanted to thank you for this site.  I was introduced to the tones while I was in college some 20 years ago along with groups like the Chieftans, The Clancy Brothers and others.  I have maintained my passion for this rich and wonderful music to this day.  As an American of Scots/Irish descent I have, as you noted, learned a great deal of the history of my family's home not only from the music but from the research that those songs inspired in me.  As a sometime guitar player I am thoroughly enjoying the addition of the great rebel songs to my list for local parties and get togethers with friends.  I enjoy introducing people to the music and the nation I love so well.  This rich history and heritage must never be allowed to pass away for mere commercialism or politics.  Thank you, God Bless and keep up the work. Keith R,,,,,,,

There are probably many more that are known locally around the towns and villages of county of Galway itself. Some songs never travel any further than the county boundaries.
If one was to ask someone in Ireland to name a song about Galway their first choice would most likely be Galway Girl as it has become such a massive hit around Ireland and the world for that matter. Twenty years ago however if one was to as anybody in Ireland to name a Galway song they would most likely say Galway Bay. The popularity of any given song changes with the passing generations. But the old tunes are still played and sang as much as ever. I would hazard a guess that besides Dublin the next county that has the most songs written about it would be Galway. But there are many more folk and ballads that don't have the County name in the title but mention the name Galway somewhere in the lyrics. Examples of this would be The Rocky Road To Dublin,'' Some Galway boys were by, saw I was a hobble in'' . As with most counties in Ireland the vast majority of the songs that were written about Galway are romantic love songs. There are some exceptions however, most notably the three Civil War songs I came across and tell of the men executed by The Irish Free State soldiers on April 11 1923 in The Workhouse in Tuam.
It was no surprise to me that when I was compiling the top 100 Irish folk songs of all time that 5 Galway songs made it into the top 100.

In Shame Love In Shame

The Dubliners / Johnny McEvoy/ Trad. Love song
Adge Cutler
Patrick Street
Derek Warfield [Wolfe Tones]
Traditional / rebel song
Patrick O'Sullivan
Judy Garland
Chris De Burg/ Irish Love Song
Irish folk song
Richard Farrelly/ Celtic Woman/Dublin City Ramblers
Danial O'Donnell, Tommy Flming, Bing Crosby
Christy Hennessy

Irish ballad
Marc Fabarach / Kevin Barry tribute
Folk song
Phil Coulter, Celtic Thunder/ Rugby song
Irish rebel song / Declan Hunt
Padraig Grimes/Protest Song
Mark Beerell
The Battlefield Band
Irish rebel song
Trad. The Coors/ Irish love song
Brendan Graham/Ronan Tynan/The Irish Tenors
Billy Connolly/The Dubliners, Charlie And The Bhoys
Trad/ Derek Warfield / Patriotic Song
Dermot Henry / Rebel song
Paddy Reilly/ Irish rebel song
The Irish Brigade / Irish patriotic song
Corrigan Bros.
Trad/Folk song
Delia Murphy / Love song
Guy Clarke/Roger Murrah
Joseph Locke / Irish love song
Thomas Keenan
Foster And Allen / Love song
Traditional / Folk song
The Dublin City Ramblers/Rebel
The Dubliners / Drinking song
Lyrics of old rebel songs
Daniel O'Donnell / Folk song
Irish drinking song
Doug Dorman

The Irish Wedding Song

I Said To The Dog

Donagh McDonagh/Christy Moore
The South Dublin Union
Stompin Top Connors
Pete St John, Charlie And The Bhoys
Paddy Reilly
Danny Doyle
Comical song
Trad. Planxty / folk
Drinking song
Bill Caddick/Christy Moore
The Wolfe Tones / ballad
Rebel song
Adrian McCarthy
Trad. Folk Song
Old Rebel song
The Corrigan Brothers

Irish lyrics and guitar tabs by Martin Dardis, songs  from G-J


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