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H-Block To Maghaberry

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H-BLOCK TO MAGHABERRY Song lyrics and guitar chords,  (Pól Mac Adam)
Pól Mac Adam played this song in a key of E major. To do so use a capo on the 2nd fret or change the chords as follows: D=E, A=B, G=A.

I re(D)member the day when (G)I turned 10
Our (A)men in the H-block was (D)starving again 
The (A)struggle for freedom in (G)Ireland had crossed a new line -G-G-G-G

Two (D)hundred and seventeen (G)days passed by,
10 Young (A)brave men starved, (D)I'll tell ye why..
Co(A)lonial Britain had (G)labelled our cause a crime. -G-G-G-G

I (D)know this is now and (G)that was then
But the (A)same situation is (D)looming again
As (A)British intransigence (G)drags us back through the slime -G-G-G-G

How (D)long will we let the (G)brits dictate
(A)What is a crime in this (D)illegal state
As they've (A)raped, murdered and (G)pillaged their way through time -G-G

Have (D)we come from (A)H-(G)Block
To Ma(D)ghaber(G)ry – (G)ohhh -G-A-A-D-D
Have (D)we come from (A)H-(G)Block
To Ma(D)ghaber(G)ry – (G)ohhh -G-A-A-D-D
(D)H-Block to Ma(G)ghaberry, you beat  me
Stripped searched me, and ill treat me,
Maghaberry -my (A)daily re(D)ality, -D-D-D
Ma(G)ghaberry, while you beat  me
And stripped searched me, and ill treat me,
Maghaberry – no, you'll (A)never de(D)feat me -D-D-D
For my (D)mind is (G)free -G-G-G-G  4x

(D)It's only natural (G)I suppose,
For (A)there to be a (D)refusal of those
To (A)swallow your black propa(G)ganda media show -G-G-G-G
Through (D)eight hundred years of (G)turmoil and strife
My (A)people have lived on the (D)edge of your knife
Will (A)your colonial grip (G)ever let go? -G-G-G-G

(D)I will smash (G)H-Block and Magahberry
And everything you throw at me
No matter what (A)you’ll never (D)break me -D-D-D
(D)I will smash (G)H-Block and Magahberry
And everything you throw at me
No matter what (A)you’ll never (D)break me -D-D-D
I’ll (D)fight on to be (G)free. -G-G-G 4x


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