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Sheet music and tin/penny whistle notes for Irish songs.Free download music from The Dubliners, The Clancy's, Traditional Tunes, Christy Moore, The Wolfe Tones, The Fureys and much more.This music notation is suitable for banjo, mandolin, accordion, fiddle and tin whistle. The tin whistle notes may not always match the music sheet score, which means when transcribed the notes on whistle may not be in the same key as the sheet music it came from. These song notes are only a guide. Where ever you see the + video I have included the easy to follow letter notes.

This part of this site will close down today 3rd of January 2015. Please go to my new site here.

The Soldier's Song / National Anthem

I + video lesson

Amazing Grace

Including video lesson-very easy

Annie's Song

+ video lesson

A Man You Don't Meet Every Day

And The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda

A Bunch Of Thyme Tin Whistle

Mandolin / banjo tab included.

A Mother's Love's A Blessing

A Rainy Night In Soho

Ar Eireann Ni Neosainn Ce hl

Arthur McBride

As I Roved Out Sheet Music

Angels We Have Heard On High On Tin Whistle

Avvondale On Tin Whistle

+ video lesson

A Nation Once Again Tin Whistle

A Sniper's Promise

An bhFaca tu mo Sheamaisin

An Irish Harvest Day

On The Banks Of The Roses

Bold Robert Emmet

Back Home In Derry Sheet Music

Banna Strand Music

+ video

Ballad Of Billy Reid

Bantry Girls

Baidin Fheilimi music

+ video lesson

Bard Of Armagh Sheet Music / Streets Of Laredo

Belfast Mill Tin Whistle

+ video lesson

Beeswing Sheet Music

Beverly Hillbillies Music

Black Velvet Band Sheet Music

Black Is The Colour Sheet Music

Christy Moore


Botany Bay

Boys Of The Old Brigade Music

+ video lesson

Boys From The Co. Armagh

Boys Of Wexford

+ Banjo / mandolin tab.

Bold Fenian Men Tin Whistle

Bold Thady Quill

Boolavogue Music

+ video lesson

Bonnie Dundee Music

Bogie's Bonnie Belle Music

Boston Burglar Music

Boys Of Fairhill

+ video

Brennan On The Moore Tin Whistle

Bright Blue Rose Letter Notes

Brown Eyed Girl Music

Buachaill Ón Eirne Music

Butcher Boy On Whistle

Bye Bye Love

Daydream Believer

The Drunk Scotsman

The Drunken Sailor

Hand Me Down My Boble

I Will Love You [ The Fureys ]

If I Was A Blackbird Tin Whistle

Irish Rover Tin Whistle Notes

Irish Soldier Laddie Music

I'll Tell Me Ma Music

ciaran-burke from the Dubliners

It's A Long Way To Tipperary Sheet Music

Irish Eyes Are Smiling Sheet Music

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Irish Washerwoman Tin Whistle

Irish Ways And Irish Lays Sheet Music

James Connelly Tin Whistle

James Larkin Tin Whistle

Joe Hill On Tin Whistle

Join The British Army Music

Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye Tin Whistle

Johnson's Motor Car Sheet Music

John O'Dreams Sheet Music

Kelly From Killane Sheet Music

Kevin Barry Sheet Music

Lakes Of Coolfin Music

Lakes Of Ponchtrain sheet music

Lanigan's Ball

La Marseillaise

Let The People Sing Sheet Music

Leaving Of Liverpool sheet music

includes the Banjo / Mandolin tab

Lovely Leitrim Music

Lonely Woods Of Upton On Whistle

Love Me Tender On Whistle

Lough Sheelin Side Sheet Music

McAlpines Fusiliers sheet music

Morningtown Ride [ The Seekers ]

The Moonshiner

+ Banjo / mandolin

The Minstrel Boy

Only Our Rivers Run Fee Sheet Music

One Thing Notes [ One Direction ]

Paddle Me Own Canoe Music

Paddy On The Railway Music

Red Is The Rose Sheet Music

St. Patrick Was A Gentleman Tin Whistle

Step It Out Mary


Tin Whistle Manuscript Blank Sheets

Pop Songs

Christmas Carols / Hymns On Tin Whistle

Video Lessons

Cliffs Of Dooneen Sheet Music

Country Roads

The Connaught Rangers

Stephen Foster + video
Johnny McEvoy / Jim McCann
Including Twinkle Twinkle, Old McDonnell
And Jingle Bells + video
Luke Kelly + video for piano keyboard
Trad. Paddy Reilly
Flogging Molly / Ronnie Drew
The Furey Brothers / Gordon Smyth + video instructions
Luke Kelly
Behan / Wolfe Tones, + video tuition
The Barleycorn + video
Barney Rush / Dublin City Ramblers
Christian Song
Christy Moore
Every Ballad Singer + video tuition
Woddy Guthrie
Ewan McColl / Dubliners / Pogues,Rubjacks + video
Dublin Street Ballad
Liam Clancy
Peadar Kearney /Irish Rebel Song + video
Luke Kelly
Flogging Molly
+ video lesson
The Dubliners
The Wolfe Tones
+ video tuition
John Conolly / Wolfe Tones / Dubliners
Pete St. John / Paddy Reilly / The Flogging Molleys + video + mandolin tab
Traditional, + mandolin / banjo tab.
+ video
+ mandolin / banjo tab
Ralph McTell / The Furey Brothers
+ mandolin / banjo tab
Irish traditional/ Rebel Song+ Piano Keyboard + whistle video + mandolin tab
Irish Traditional song
Roy Williamson / The Corries + video + mandolin tab
Irish Rebel Song
abc format only
T.D. O'Sullivan / The Wolfe Tones

Farewell To Carlingford

Galway Girl

Give Me Your Hand

The Galway Races

The Golden Jubilee


God Bless America

Down In The Valley

The Galway Shawl

Mandolin tab included.

Donegal Danny

The Galway Races Tin Whistle

Four Green Fields Tin Whistle

Give Me Your Hand

Clancy Bros. / Trad
The Dubliners
Arthur Colahan / Bing Crosby, + video
McPeake / Clancy Brothers + video
Trad. / Christy Moore / Planxty
Carl Belew
Includes youtube video lesson
+ video lesson included
Buddy Holly + Video lesson +
Irish Rebel Song
Includes video lesson on piano also.
Luke Kelly - Dubliners
Ewan McColl
Trad. / Johnny McEvoy
Stephen Foster
Wolfe Tones + video
Johnny McEvoy / The Dubliners
Drinking Song
Dwight Latham and Moe Jaffe

Long Long Before Your Time Whistle / Banjo / Keyboard notes

Titanic Thyme + video
John Sheehan / Dubliners
Barleycorn / Wolfe Tones, + video

Marie's Wedding

The Merry Ploughboy

Morning Has Broken

Mull Of Kintyre Tin Whistle

Tip For Beginners

You have to Learn to crawl before you can walk. Choose an easy one to start off with. There's no point trying to play songs like The Rocky Road To Dublin or The Foggy Dew before getting the the handy one's off by heart first.

If you pick one hard one to play and you can't master it it will soon put you off playing a whistle and you'll give up. You have to start slowly. Don't be afraid to play stuff like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Then move on to something like Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile. For the easy one's I have given simple ''Letter Notes'' [see exaple on right] where you don't even have to read sheet music.

I have also now included 38 videos to show what notes to play in an easy to read format. Some video's now on site include some of the more popular songs like Molly Malone and Dirty Old Town. Take things at a slow pace learning each song line by line before moving on. I will be adding new videos in time. Look out for the words ''Video Included''.


Example Of Letter Notes On Whistle

The image above is an example of ''Letter Notes'' . There are many of these easy to read songs on the site. They are here to make life handy for anybody that doesn't read the dots. The example below will teach you the basics of reading sheet music, the more you play the better you'll familiarize yourself with the position of each note and the music sheets.

How To Read Sheet Music

When I went looking for sheet music notes for an Irish folk song on line and couldn't find any, there was plenty of pieces of music for the Irish tunes but not for the songs. I thought, why were these big music sites not displaying the folk and ballads along with the traditional Irish music tunes.
Where were The Dubliners, The Wolfe Tones, The Furey Brothers and the hundreds of traditional Irish song notes ?
When you first take up and learn a musical instrument, be it banjo, fiddle, mandolin or whatever, you will want to learn something that's familiar to you. since most would already know more songs that tunes then the logical thing would be to learn something easy, for example a song that already in your head and have known it for years.
So you look around for an easy song to play, right ?
Well, if you ever took music lessons that's the way things work, you would be started on some simple song to you had it off by heart before moving on.
So when I looked for sheet music notes for Irish songs on the Internet and couldn't find any, I thought, this isn't right ! So I started to collect as many songs as were already here on the site and tried to get sheet music to go with them, a hard thing to do,So I made up my own.
I was successful in selecting most of the older traditional songs but not the more recent ones, and as for tin whistle notes, well they are even harder to get.
Not everybody can play by ear, so most will look for the sheet music or tin whistle notes image of the song for guidance. I'm surprised the big sites like ceoltas who pride themselves on promoting Irish music don't have an online tin whistle song collection.
Anyway I will continue with this section of the site and try build on what's already here.
Don't forget, If you have sheet music or tin whistle notes for any Irish folk or ballads including Dubliners, Pogues, Furey Brothers, The Clancys, The Wolfe Tones will you please send them to me.I have now started collecting abc music notes  which are used mainly for beginners of tin whistle. Although I've heard well established Irish musicians use the abc system also. Some of the abc music notation is by Cathal Lynch [see above photo] who has done a great deal of working in providing  these song notes in a simple to understand method.

Here's A Few Of The Messages Sent To The Site From Visitors

Playing Pop Songs

Thank you for this awesome site, I'm teaching myself the tin whistle which I couldn't have done without this site.
From Laure.

I play guitar and have always loved listening to older traditional songs that also happen to use a tin whistle. So I picked one up recently and just started playing. This site has such a great selection of songs, and I love how the pages have the notes and a video all right there. Definitely helpful. Thanks so much for all of this! From Victoria

Thanks for a great site Martin, nice to see the tin whistle is taken seriously. I also play tin whistle, autoharp and clarinet. My girl, Amanda, plays tin whistle and ukulele. We both adore this site. From Paul Roberts.

Picked up a tin whistle from a store catering to Irish memorabilia (Irish Eyes in San Clemente, CA, USA), and wanted to learn a few rebel songs. Haven't been disappointed so far. Wish there was some Irishmen here in the States to get some pointers from. From Jushua Knefelkamp

I've been using this site for about two years now as a constant reference for learning songs. I'm an american with heavy irish descent (does 80% irish mean im still an irishman?) I have to say that this truly is a unique site that you have put together, and quite pssibly one of a kind. I mostly play guitar, but the otherday, we were moving furniture around in my sister's room for remodeling (she's moved out and is on her own now with her husband) and we found a tin whistle under neath one of the old dressers! I can't imagine a way to express how excited i was, and when i saw it there, the first thing that popped into my head was "HEY! I can jump on to that! They have tin whistle notation on there where I can learn to play this!" and indeed, tw days later, I'm whistling away the time learning the instrument with this site as the only resource that i could find that was adequately suiting my musical background! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this website together and compiling this beautiful resource! Sure the alphabetizing could use a little polishing up and standardizing, but i wouldn't give up this site for the world!


Playing pop songs on the whistle is not really the norm, just a few singers have embraced the idea, one that springs to mind is Paul Simon with ''You Can Call Me Al''. Just because an instrument is associated with a particular genre of music doesn't mean it can't be transfeered to another kind, such as popular music. Most Irish people grew up listening to folk music on the radio because during the 50s to the early 70's there was little choice as that's all there was for the most part, that's one of the reasons why folk songs are played on the whistle. There are thousands of great pop songs around with some lovely easy to play melodies that can sound great when played on the whistle. The song Morning Has Broken started  as a Scottish folk hymn 70 years ago, it got recorded by Cat Stevens in 1971 and became a pop song. It has a beautiful melody and is handy to play.

Childrens Songs On Tin Whistle


Sheet music and Tin Whistle Notes For Irish Songs


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