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The Connaught Rangers lyrics + chords

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The Connaught Rangers Lyrics And Chords-Irish Rebel Song- Brian Warfield [Wolfe Tones] Tin whistle sheet music included.


To[D] the tiny homesteads of the[A] west,
Their recruting sargent[D] came,
He[G] promised[D] all a future[A] bright,
So a brave young men went off to fight
For the empire and the[D] might
And many a victory they had seen
Many hardships their had been,
They fought and died side by side,
Their enemies they had defied and for a foreign king.
And[D] the drums they were a beating[A] time,
While the pipes did loudly[D] play,
When[G] Daly[D] died,the drums did[A] beat,
That morning in the Dagshai heat,
Now we'll beat the drums no[D] more.
While serving in the far off land,
The news had come from home,
Of a peoples fate it did relate,
Of the tans and their campaign of hate,
And we're fighting on their side.
Arise ,arise young Daly cried,
Come join along with me,
We'll strike a blow for liberty,
Our regiment will mutiny
And support our friends at home.
And the colonel stood before his troops,
Those men who mutineed,
He told them of those honours won,
But the men stood in the blazing sun,
Saying we'll fight your wars no more
For cannon fodder we have been,
For the French at Waterloo
At Suvla and Sud Elbar,
We fought your every bloody war,
And we'll fight your war no more.
Those men got penal servitude,
And Daly's condemned to die
Far from his home in Tyrellspass,
This young man's died in Ireland's cause,
Far from his native land.

Grave Of James Daly
Cenopath Glasnevin Dublin Ireland

The Grave Of James Daly

James Daly Cenotaph Dublin Ireland

Erected By National Graves Assocation- Photo. By Martin Dardis.


The Connaught Rangers were established in 1793 as an Irish regiment of the British army and fought its first battle against Napoleon's troops in 1794 Then they went off to Egypt,India,the West Indies and South America
The Connaught Rangers evolved into a tough well oiled war machine During the Peninsula war 1808-1814 the regiment fought in Wellingtons army on the Iberian Peninsula and obtained the nick-name  ''The Devil's Own'' The first battalion was sent to India after the first world war. The deeds of the Black and Tans,veterans who just like The Connaught Rangers had fought in the great war,and so while they were fighting for the British empire around the world,another part of the British
army were murdering,burning,looting all over Ireland
70 Connaught Rangers faced court martial,from which 14 were  sentenced to death,eventually just one mutineer James Daly was executed
After the mutiny both battalions of the Connaught Rangers were sent to remote parts of the British empire
The regiment was disbanded in 1922.


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