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 Irish Lyrics And Chords From N to R
This section also has a great mixture of ballads, folk, rebel, traditional and celtic songs by Mary Black, The Dublin City Ramblers, The mighty Wolfe Tones.
If you have written an Irish/folk song and want it published here, send it to me. Include the guitar chords and sheet music, if any.The video below is The Dubliners singing ''Hand Me Dawn My Bible, class, what a band. all the guitar chords or tabs here are just three chord songs, easy for the novice guitar player.

Noreen By Celtic Thunder

One Day At A Time

The Pecker Dunne/Johnny McEvoy
Foster And Allen
The Clancys
Michael McConnell/ The Wolfe Tones
Jolly Beggarmen / Paddy Sweeney
Marc Fahrbach
Jay O'Reilly
Trad. The Clancys
Foster And Allen
Pecker Dunne
The Irish Rovers/Dublin City Ramblers/Wolfe Tones
The Bards
Padraig Grimes

The Old House

Oh Sarah

Oh Lord It's So Hard To Be Humble

The Orange Maid Of Sligo

Our Last Hope By Dominic Behan

Our divided little country called Ireland

Pal Of My Cradle Days

The Pretty Maid

The Pretty Young Maid


Paudh O'Donoghue

Red Is The Rose

Remember Me - Recuerdame

Reynard The Fox

Rolling Of The Sea

Rebels On Rise

Tommy Makem

Rambling Boys Of Pleasure


Chords For The Four String

Keith Rankin
comment: I wanted to thank you for this site.  I was introduced to the tones while I was in college some 20 years ago along with groups like the Chieftans, The Clancy Brothers and others.  I have maintained my passion for this rich and wonderful music to this day.  As an American of Scots/Irish descent I have, as you noted, learned a great deal of the history of my family's home not only from the music but from the research that those songs inspired in me.  As a sometime guitar player I am thoroughly enjoying the addition of the great rebel songs to my list for local parties and get togethers with friends.  I enjoy introducing people to the music and the nation I love so well.  This rich history and heritage must never be allowed to pass away for mere commercialism or politics.  Thank you, God Bless and keep up the work.



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