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Only Ireland Needs Your Tears

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Only Ireland Needs Your Tears Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. 4/4 (Marc Patrick Fahrbach, 2011 )

 During the Irish civil war, between 17th November 1922 and 2nd May 1923, 77 Republicans paid the ultimate price in front of a Free State firing squad. Many of these men – some of them quite young and usually sentenced for no higher offence than being ‘in possession of a gun and ammunition without proper authority’ - wrote last letters home in their final hours *. Most of these letters contain very similar messages and this song tries to capture this general sprit, so that these brave men and their sacrifice for Ireland may not be forgotten but be kept in our minds

Intro: F-F-G-G   C-G-C-C


Dear [C]parents, sweetheart, siblings, [G]friends,

Just [F]some few lines to let you [G]know

That [F]when you read this [G]I’ll be [C]dead;

I’m [F]shot today, but please don’t [G]fret

I’m [F]happy and pre[G]pared to [C]go



So [F]keep me in your minds and [G]prayers

[G7]Un[C]til we meet again in [G]heaven

I [F]stood with pride for [G]Ireland [Am]dear

And [Dm]faced the rifles without [G]fear

A [F]brave lad, one of [G]seventy-[C]seven




Don’t [C]cry for me who gladly [G]joined

The [F]ranks of those that follow [G]Pearse.

Our [F]country’s split, our [G]cause be[C]trayed

By [F]England’s power and her Free [G]State.

So only [F]Ireland [G]needs your [C]tears


Chorus, starting with ‘But…’ + C-C


The [C]priest was here, a fine old [G]man,

[F]Heard my confession, prayed with [G]me

And [F]later when I’m [G]bound to [C]leave

A [F]last Communion I’ll re[G]ceive

Be[F]fore I’m off my [G]God to [C]see


Chorus + C-C


It [C]seems like grace bestowed on [G]me

To [F]die that you might live in [G]peace

I [F]know my hour and [G]know my [C]fate

My [F]conscience’s pure and free of [G]hate

So [F]I’ll walk out this [G]morn with [C]ease


Chorus + F-F-G-G   C-G-C-C


The [C]blood we shed and tears we [G]spill

Shall [F]heal this land and set it [G]free

And [F]if I only [G]saw your [C]faces

En[F]closed you all in fond em[G]braces

The [F]happiest soul on [G]earth I’d [C]be


Chorus + D-D (Change of key!)


Now [D]all is said and I must [A]part

The [G]dawn is close and time moves [A]on

May [G]joy be with you [A]day and [D]night

I’ll [G]see you on the other [A]side

Your [G]loving brother, [A]friend and [D]son


Chorus in D, using these chords:

G-G-A-A7  D-D-A-A  G-A-D-D  G-G-A-A  G-A-D-D

G-G-A-A   D-A-D-D

Lyrics without chords


Dear parents, sweetheart, siblings, friends,

Just some few lines to let you know

That when you read this I’ll be dead;

I’m shot today, but please don’t fret

I’m happy and prepared to go



So keep me in your minds and prayers

Until we meet again in heaven

I stood with pride for Ireland dear

And faced the rifles without fear

A brave lad, one of seventy-seven




Don’t cry for me who gladly joined

The ranks of those that follow Pearse.

Our country’s split, our cause betrayed

By England’s power and her Free State.

So only Ireland needs your tears


Chorus, starting with ‘But…’


The priest was here, a fine old man,

Heard my confession, prayed with me

And later when I’m bound to leave

A last Communion I’ll receive

Before I’m off my God to see




It seems like grace bestowed on me

To die that you might live in peace

I know my hour and know my fate

My conscience’s pure and free of hate

So I’ll walk out this morn with ease




The blood we shed and tears we spill

Shall heal this land and set it free

And if I only saw your faces

Enclosed you all in fond embraces

The happiest soul on earth I’d be




Now all is said and I must part

The dawn is close and time moves on

May joy be with you day and night

I’ll see you on the other side

Your loving brother, friend and son



* compiled in the book ‘Seventy-Seven of Mine Said Ireland’ by Martin O’Dwyer, available from


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