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The Offaly Rover Lyrics And Guitar Chords

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THE OFFALY ROVER Lyrics Guitar Chords 6/8

Lyrics and chords as used by Derek McCormack and Barleycorn (use capo on 3rd fret) Guitar work by Marc Fahrbach, Of the 32 counties in Ireland this is the only Offaly song I have. Believe it or not but this song was also done by Taoiseach Brian Cowan, and a great job he done on it too, if you don't believe me go to youtube where you can see him singing it.


Intro: D-F#m-Bm-E7  A7-A-D-D


A (D)rover I have been

And a (G)rover I will (D)stay

But to that faithful (Bm)county

I (E7)will return some (A)day

Uibh (D)Fhaile how I love you

With your (G)heather scented (D)air

Silently the (F#m)peaceful (Bm)brosna(E7)

Calls her (A7)sons from (A)far and (D)near


Oh (D)Kinnitty I long to see

When the (G)woodbine’s in full (D)bloom

Or stroll the fields (Bm)around Ferbane

Hear the (E7)wild birds in full (A)tune

At (D)Clonmacnoise I see you 

Onto (G)Banagher we’ll (D)stray

Where the fisher(F#m)men will (Bm)drink and (E7)tear

Of the (A7)ones that (A)got a(D)way


Bridge: D-F#m-Bm-E7  A7-A-D-D


Though (D)dead are still in exile

Are some (G)friends I used to (D)know

Still I must pass (Bm)Killoughy

Where great (E7)sportmen are laid (A)low

By (D)Croghan HillI see you

Where in (G)childhood I did (D)play

So adieu to (F#m)you be(Bm)loved Slieve (E7)Bloom

I (A7)must be (A)on my (D)way


(D)Pile the brown turf on the fire

Bring the (G)keg in from the (D)barn

Let the blacksmith sing his (Bm)Rebel song

And the (E7)poacher tell his (A)yarn

Come (D)close my friends and neighbors

Fill your (G)glasses to the (D)brim

And we toast our (F#m)Offaly (Bm)heros (E7)from

The (A7)heather, (A)hill and (D)glen


And we toast our (F#m)Offaly (Bm)heros (E7)from

The (A7)heather, (A)hill and (D)glen



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