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The Roads Of Kildare
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The Roads Of Kildare Guitar Chords And Lyrics-Written by John Duggan and recorded by Brian Coll, Danial O'Donnell, P.J. Murrihy & Seamus Shannon, Michael Bracken-Guitar chords by Marc Fahrbach-Irish folk song.

(D)Johnny was born in a (G)man(D)sion, down in the (A)County of (D)Clare(A)

(D)Rosie was born by the (G)roadside, somewhere in (D)County Kil(A)dare(A7)

(D)Destiny brought them to(G)ge(D)ther, on the road near Killorglin one (A)day(A7)

In her (D)bright pretty shawl she was (G)sing(D)ing,

And she stole his (A7)young heart a(D)way

(A7)For she said.....



(D)Meet me tonight by the (G)camp-(D)fire, come with me (A)over the (D)hill(A)

(D)Let us be married to-(G)morrow, please let me (D)whisper I (A)will(A7)

(D)What if the neighbours are (G)talk(D)ing,

Who cares if your friends stop and (A)stare(A7)

You'll be (D)proud to be married to (G)Ro(D)sie

Who was reared on the (A7)roads of Kil(D)dare


(D)Think of the parents that (G)reared (D)you, think of the (A)family (D)name(A)

(D)How could you marry a (G)Gypsy? Oh what a (D)terrible (A)shame(A7)

(D)Parents and friends stop your (G)plea(D)ding, don't worry about my a(A)ffair(A7)

For I've (D)fallen in love with a (G)Gyp(D)sy

Who was reared on the (A7)roads of Kil(D)dare

(A7)For she said....




(D)Johnny came down from his (G)man(D)sion, just as the (A)sun had gone (D)down(A)

(D)Turning his back on his (G)kin-folk, likewise on his (D)own native (A)town(A7)

(D)Facing the roads of old (G)Ire(D)land, with the gypsy he loved so sin(A)cere(A7)

When they (D)came to the light of the (G)camp-(D)fire

These are the (A7)words he could (D)hear

(A7)And she said....




You'll be (D)proud to be married to (G)Ro(D)sie

Who was reared on the (A7)roads of Kil(D)dare

The roads of Kildare-Irish song lyrics.


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