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Patricia Kelly McKay

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Patricia Kelly McKay An Irish folk song. Written By George McDonnell
Patricia (nee Kelly) McKay was a twenty year old Official IRA Volunteer from Belfast.  She was shot and killed by British troops on 29 September 1972 during a joint operation with the Provisional IRA in West Belfast.  This operation was in response to the killing of Provisional IRA Volunteer Jimmy Quigley and the subsequent desecration of his remains by British soldiers. The combined forces of the Provo's and Officials fought a ferocious action against the British Army, fighting street to street and house to house.  Patricia was with Brendan
(Darko) Hughes only moments before her death.  She attempted to make a break from the building where they were cornered and was shot as she emerged into the street.The song is set to the tune of Shanagolden.Kevin Donleavey on vocals and Rich Lange on guitar
The[C] gray clouds over [F]Milltown are calling soft to [C]me
The[D] smoke from burning[Em] fires brings[Am] bitter memor[G7]ies
The people and the[C] traffic they[Am] quickly hurry[G7] by
All[Am] through the streets of[F] Belfast where young Patricia[C] died.
Patricia as a girl was Belfast born and raised
And often in the stories she'd heard our heroes praised
But no thoughts of death or conflict did torment her youthful brain
'Til England sent  it's monsters to help supoirt it's reign.
Do you remember, Patricia, in the Springtime of your years
The hatreds and the bigotry that filled our hearts with fears?
We only asked for equal rights, but that was soon denied
All on the streets of Belfast where you bravely fought and died.
Then came the year of sixty-nine and our homes they were ablaze
Down from their haunts on Shankhill the Orange butchers came
But you'd read of Tone and Connolly, Fidel and valiant Che
And to defend your people you joined the IRA.
You were a Sticky Volunteer, your young heart knew no dread
You stood up for the Starry Plough and the Workers' flag of red
The British sent their soldiers in, they said to keep the peace
But on the streets of Belfast their terror was unleashed.
Then came that dark September day when the British huns came on
They thought they could subdue us with the baton and the gun
But the Stickies and the Provos, they made their stand that day
All on the streets of Belfast to counter Britain's sway.
You fought them, lovely Patricia, all through that Autumn day
We could hear the rifles firing and the Thompson's deadly spray
But a bullet found your proud young heart from the rifles of the foe
And on the streets of Belfast they laid Patricia low.
But that was long ago, my girl, and some things are better now
Because of all your sacrifice our heads we will not bow
But the cruel flag of England, up in the somber sky,
Still flies o'er the streets of Belfast where you bravely fought and died.

Irish lyrics and chords for Patricia Kelly McKey by George McDonnell


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