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The Old Fenian Gun lyrics and chords

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The Old Fenian Gun lyrics and guitar chords, the singer here is Declan Hunt, written by P.O'Neill. Also recorded by Sean Dunphy. The guitar tab is by Marc Fahrbach. Although the song is credited to P'O' Neill and he may well have written it, it should be pointed out that the name P.O'Neill was used by members of the I.R.A. when signing documents of many descriptions.

(For Declan Hunt’s version use capo on 4th fret)


It (C)hung above the (G)kitchen fire. It's (C)barrel (F)long and (C)brown

And one day with a boy's desire, I (G)climbed and took it down

My (C)father's eyes with anger flashed. He (G)cried "what have you (G7)done?!

I (F)wish you'd left it (G)where it was, that's (C)my old (F)Fenian (C)gun".


I (C)fondled it with (G)love and pride, and (C)looked it (F)o'er and (C)o'er

I placed it on my shoulder and I (G)marched across the floor

My (C)father's anguish softened and he (G)shared my boyish (G7)fun

"Ah, (F)well", he said "tis (G)in your breed like (C)that old (F)Fenian (C)gun".


I (C)remember sixty-(G)seven well when (C)lads like (F)you and (C)me

All thought we'd strike another blow to (G)set old Ireland free.

But (C)broken were our golden hopes I was (G)long months on the (G7)run

But it (F)did good work for (G)Ireland then that (C)brown old (F)Fenian (C)gun.


I was (C)down then in Kil(G)mallock t'was the (C)hottest (F)fight of (C)all.

And you’ll see he burned his arm there's a (G)mark still on the ball

I (C)hope the young lads growing now will (G)hold the ground we (G7)won

And (F)not disgrace the (G)cause in which I (C)held that (F)Fenian (C)gun


I (C)placed it o'er the (G)fire once more. I (C)heard my (F)father (C)sigh

I knew his thoughts were turning back on (G)days now long gone by

And (C)then I vowed within my heart I'll (G)be my father's (G7)son

And if (F)ever Ireland (G)wants my aid I'll (C)hold the (F)Fenian (C)gun.


That's (C)years ago I've (G)grown a man and I've (C)weathered (F)many a (C)gale

This last long year I spent inside a (G)gloomy English jail

I've (C)done my part I'll do it still un(G)til the fight is (G7)won

When (F)Ireland's free she'll (G)bless the men who (C)held the (F)Fenian (C)gun


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