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Old Ballymoe

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Old Ballymoe Irish Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. The singer in the video is Cathy Jordon. Cathy Jordan version in A major with capo on the 2nd fret.

In the (G)county Ros(C)common in (D)hailstones and (G)rain.
I was crossing the fields on the way to the (D)plane
I (G)met a fair (Am)Colleen says (G)she do you (C)know
What’s the (G)shortest of (Am)shortcuts into (D)Old Bally(G)moe?

Says (G)I, Colleen (C)oh, who (D)led you a(G)stray.
I think I’ll go with you, and show you the (D)way
Says (G)she, I’m not (Am)willing, for (G)you I dun(C)noe
You could (G)kiss me bet(Am)ween here and (D)Old Bally(G)moe

Says (G)I, Colleen (C)oh, ?? (D)seldom ?? (G)kissed
She says, poor lad, a lot you have (D)missed
Says (G)I, I am (Am)willing to (G)learn, you (C)know
We can (G)practice bet(Am)ween, here and (D)Old Bally(G)moe

You (G)think I’d go (C)with you, you (D)moron, gar(G)rough
I dont like, your looks, and your smoothering (D)blows
You’re (G)young and good (Am)looking  but (G)god knows your (C)slow
You (G)look like you (Am)did one, in (D)Old Bally(G)moe

Says (G)he I’ve been (C)noted, for (D)strength and good (G)looks
My brain’s not so bad, when I’ve mastered the (D)books
And (G)if you are (Am)willing, tis (G)married we’ll (C)go
And for(G)ever live (Am)happy, in (D)Old Bally(G)moe

She (G)started to (C)laugh, till I (D)thought she would (G)choke
She says, poor lad, I will tell you a (D)joke
Get (G)out of my (Am)way, for (G)now I must (C)go
I’ve a (G)husband and (Am)six kids in (D)Old Bally(G)moe!

The writer remains unknown, this song was collected by Micho Russell [1915 - 1984] from Doolin County Clare who was a story teller, flute and tin whistle player. Micho became well known during the trad. revival in the 1960s. Micho was also a fine singer and had a story behind every tune he played. He preformed to adiences all over the world and made several albums. His best loved album released in 1995 ''Ireland's Whistling Ambassador'' also included a booklet about the tunes. Micho played a hugh role in attracting people from all over the world to his native village of Doolin to hear traditional music played by the finest in the land


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