Irish Songs Lyrics With Guitar Chords By Martin Dardis

The Old Homestead

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The Old Homestead Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. Written and recorded by Padraig Grimes.
This is a song I wrote about a person who grew up in a large family in the countryside,who returns after many years to see the old home,its a sad and emotional time for him as he has long since lost touch with his siblings,the memories of how close a big family can be when you are young, contrast with the fact they have all gone their separate ways a long time ago. Padraig Grimes August 2011.
(G)On a path I (C)walked today,I(D)came upon a(G)place
(Em)where I walked so(C)many times,in(Am)another time and(D)space
(G)the old familiar(C)gateway now,is(D)overgrown and (G)green
the (Em)once proud(C)tarmacadam drive,can(Am)just about be(D)seen
the(G)old sheds are still (C)standing tall
though (D)looking worse for(G)wear
and the (Em)ghosts of my (C)childhood days,are(D)running(G)everywhere
(G)where have the (C)years all gone
how (D)fast they slipped(G)away
the (Em)tomorrows that were(C)once endless
are(D)now my(G)yesterdays
(G)I wait here at the (C) threshold,where a (D)door once used to(G) stand
my(Em)hearts beating (C)faster now,I (Am)don`t quiet under(D)stand
(G)as I take those(C) first few steps,that(D)take me back in(G)time
I (Em)hear the voices,I(C)hear the noise,I(Am)hear the nursery(D)rhymes
(G)that`s where the(C)cooker was
the (D)fridge stood over (G)there
and (Em)that`s the corner(C)where I sat,on(D)my favorite (G)chair
(G)as I walk from (C)room to room,the (D)light is growing(G)dim
(Em)I cant believe how (C)small they were,for a (Am)family of (D)ten
they(G)did`nt seem to(C) be like that,(D)back when we were (G) young
but (Em)people change,and we (C)soon forget,then the(Am)memories are(D)gone
(G)now I know I must be(C)dreaming
the (D)old house has tricked my(G)mind
for an (Em)old grey ferguson (C)tractor has
(D)just pulled up(G)outside
(G)on a path I (C)walked today,I(D)came upon a (G)place
the(Em)ruins are there,but the(C)ones who shared
are(D)gone without a (G)trace.

Padraig is no stranger to the site, I have used several of his youtube videos already here. He has a good clear voice that you can understand every word, he's also a fine guitar player and sets up his video so guitar players can easy see what chords he's playing. Here's a few more videos of Padraig for anybody starting to learn Irish guitar.


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