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Remember Me - Recuerdame

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Remember Me - Recuerdame  Song Lyrics And Chords. Written by Phil Coulter and recorded by The Celtic Tenors, also recorded by Celtic Thunder and Paul Byrom. There are some complicated looking chords here that are note really needed, you could just as easy made this a 3 chord job.

[A]The moonlight dances a[D]mong the trees
The[Bm] campfire glows in the [E]autumn breeze
and [A]I am lost in my [D]thoughts of you
Re[A]member me, rec[E7]uerda me

A [A]comrade strums on a [D]sad guitar
My [Bm]mind is drifting to [E]where you are
I'm [A]holding you as I [D6]used to do[D]
re[A]member me, rec[E7]uerda me, [A]mi amor!

So [D]long ago, so [C#m]far away, each [Bm]night I [E/G]pray[A]
I [F#m]promise you that [C#m]]come what may
those [Bm]days will stay ever in my memo[G]ry,,[E]

In [A]all this world I could [D]never find,
the[Bm] love that I had to [E]leave behind
But [A/C]duty calls, so whate[D6]'er befalls
re[A/E]member me, rec[E7]uerda me,[A] mi amor

[Key Change]
God [C]only knows what to[F]morrow brings
You're [Dm]in my heart so my [G]spirit sings
and [Em]I'll [C]be strong just as [F]long as you re[C/G]member me,
rec[G7]uerda me, [C]mi amor!


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