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The Rovin' Dies Hard Lyrics & Chords

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The Rovin' Dies Hard Lyrics And Guitar Chords.

generally fit the Battlefield Band with capo on 3rd fret. This version changes the major key and the leading instrument after each verse, but which is of course fully optional. The instrumental bridges below are supposed to be close to the Battlefield Band version but may differ in some parts.

Whistle Intro in D major

My (D)name's John Mackenzie, I'm a (G)master-at-(A)arms -A
I (D)carry my sword and my (G)shield on my (A)shoulder -A
I've (D)fought every fight from the (G)Don to the (D)Danube
None (G)braver, none (D)better, none (A)bolder -A
I've (A)stood with Mon(A7)trose and a(D)gainst him-A-D
I've (A)battled with (A7)Swedes and with (D)Danes-A-D
And I've (D)carried the standard of (G)many's the (D)army
Through (G)many's the (D)bloody cam(A)paign
But (A)now as I sit in the (A7)firelight it seems
There's a (A)distant horizon to the (A7)sword buckle's gleam
Till a (D)pull at the wine brings an (G)old soldier's (D)dream from a(A)far -A
For the (A7)rovin' dies (D)hard -A-G

I'm (G)Calum McLean, I'm a (C)trapper to (D)trade –D
And it's (G)forty long years since I (C)saw Tober(D)mory -D
Through (G)Canada's forests I've (C)carried my (G)blade
And the (C)pine trees could (G)tell you my (D)story -D
Now my (D)wandering (D7)days they are (G)over-D-G
But I'm (D)thankful to (D7)still be a(G)live-D-G
For I've (G)many's the kinsman who (C)died in the (G)hulks
At the (C)end of the (G)bold forty-(D)five
I've an (D)Indian lass now, I'll (D7)never deceive her
But there's (D)nights when I'd up with my (D7)gun and I'd leave her
For the (G)land where the bear and the (C)fox and the (G)beaver are (D)lord -D
For the (D7)rovin' dies (G)hard –G-G-D-D-G-G-D-D-G-G-D-D-G-G-B-B-E-E-B

My (E)name's Robert Johnston, I'm a (A)man of the (B)cloth -B
And I'll (E)carry my Bible as (A)long as I'm (B)breathing -B
I've (E)preached the Lord's Gospel from (A)Shanghai to (E)Glasgow
Where(A)'er He saw (E)fit to make (B)heathens -B
But (B)now the Kirk's (B7)calling me (E)homewards-B-E
It's the (B)manse and the (B7)elders for (E)me-B-E
But the (E)sins of the Session will (A)no' be so (E)far
From the (A)sins of the (E)South China (B)Seas
And per(B)haps it's the voice of the (B7)Devil I've heard
For it (B)speaks of the clipper ships (B7)flying like birds
Till a (E)man's only comfort is (A)Scripture and the (E)word of the (B)Lord -B
For the (B7)rovin' dies (E)hard –E-E-G-G

My (G)name's Willie Campbell, I'm a (C)ship's engi(D)neer -D
And I (G)know every berth between (C)Lisbon and (D)Largo -D
I've (G)sweated more diesel in (C)thirty-five (G)years
Than a (C)big tanker (G)takes for a (D)cargo -D
Of the (D)good times I've (D7)always had (G)plenty-D-G
When the (D)whisky and the (D7)women were (G)wild-D-G
And there's (G)many's the wean wi' the (C)red locks o' the (G)Campbells
Who's (C)ne'er seen the (G)coast of Ar(D)gyll
But (D)now as the freighters un(D7)load on the quay
The (D)sound of the engines is (D7)calling to me
And it (G)sings me a song of the (C)sun and the (G)sea and the (D)stars -D
For the (D7)rovin' dies (G)hard –G-G-G-G-C-C-G-G-C-C-G-G

Bridge in C major
Bagpipe Bridge, finish on D

I've (D)tuned up my fiddle, and I've (G)rosined my (A)bow -A
And I've (D)sung of the clans and the (G)clear crystal (A)fountains -A
I can (D)tell you the road and the (G)miles frae Dun(D)dee
To the (G)back of A(D)laska's wild (A)mountains -A
When my (A)travelling (A7)days they are (D)over-A-D
And the (A)next of the (A7)rovers has (D)come-A-D
He'll (D)take all my songs and he'll (G)sing them a(D)gain
To the (G)be-(G)-(G)-(G)ats of a (D)different (A)drum –A-A-A-A
And if (A)ever I'm asked why the (A7)Scots are beguiled
I'll (A)lift up my glass in a (A7)health, and I'll smile
And I'll (D)tell them that fortune's dealt (G)Scotland the (D)wildest of (A)cards -A
Whistle Bridge in D
For the (A7)rovin' dies (D)hard


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