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The Road That Barry Went

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THE ROAD THAT BARRY WENT (Marc Patrick Fahrbach, 2010)

 This song is dedicated to the ten Irishmen who were executed in Mountjoy Jail, Dublin between
1 November 1920 and 7 June 1921 and who later became known as The Forgotten Ten. Among their names the one of Kevin Barry is remembered best and has been praised in numerable songs and poems. Nonetheless each of them gave the same ultimate sacrifice and each of them has his own unique story and thus deserves the same amount of recognition, tribute and respect. Here it is…

Intro: G-G-F-C   F-C-Am-G   F-G-C-F-F   F-C-G-C-C  


So (C)Whelan, (Am)Moran, (G)Bryan, Doyle, (C)Flood

- (F)Have you (G)ever heard their (C)name? -

Like (G)Ryan and Traynor, (D)Foley, (G)Maher -

They’re (F)nine men (C)dwarfed by (G)Barry’s (C)fame. -C



All (G)took the road that (F)Barry (C)went,

Met (Am)fate on (F)England’s (C)scaffold (G)high,

Suc(F)ceeded (G)him whose (C)name is (F)sung, -F

Though (C)just the first of (G)ten to (C)die. -C


They (C)took Tom (Am)Whelan (G)after (C)mass

On (F)Bloody (G)Sunday’s fateful (C)morn

And (G)framed him on a (D)murder (G)charge

By (F)one false (C)testi(G)mony (C)sworn. -C

A (G)grand old women’s (F)guiltless (C)son

Con(Am)demned to (F)find a (C)felon’s (G)grave

Who (F)hugged his (G)warder (C)for fare(F)well -F

And (C)made him change to (G)Catholic (C)faith -C


And (C)Patrick (Am)Moran – (G)just the (C)same

Was (F)witnessed (G)many miles a(C)way

A (G)union chairman (D)well es(G)teemed

And (F)Captain (C)of the (G)IR(C)A. -C

His (G)conscience pure, he (F)said ‘For (C)sure,

Un(Am)til next (F)Christmas (C)I’ll be (G)free!’

Yet (F)on his (G)birthday’s (C)early (F)dawn -F

Hung (C)lifeless from the (G)gallows (C)tree -C


Chorus: They (G)took the road…


Pat (C)Doyle was (Am)one of (G)four more (C)men

The (F)English (G)killed that very (C)day,

Ac(G)cused as traitors (D)to the (G)crown

Yet (F)Irish (C)soldiers (G)caught in (C)fray. -C

He (G)met his newborn (F)twins two (C)days

Be(Am)fore he (F)paid the (C)highest (G)price

And (F)one of (G)them died (C)on the (F)spot -F

To (C)join their dad in (G)para(C)dise. -C


Just (C)four shorts (Am)months be(G)fore that (C)date

Tom (F)Bryan had (G)wed his fair young (C)bride

A (G)man of craic and (D)volun(G)teer

Who (F)joined Tom (C)Ashe in (G)hunger (C)strike. -C

His (G)name was known to (F)England (C)well

His (Am)sentence (F)mere for(C)mali(G)ty

For (F)levying (G)war on (C)Irish (F)soil -F

In (C)brazen hopes to (G)set it (C)free. -C


Chorus: They (G)took the road…

Frank (C)Flood was (Am)Barry’s (G)pal from (C)school,

Stood (F)by his (G)side in Erin’s (C)band

A (G)serious boy who (D)studied (G)hard

And (F)dearly (C)dreamt to (G)free his (C)land. -C

He (G)sought to wave the (F)Irish (C)flag

On (Am)Sackville (F)Street on (C)victory (G)day

And (F)prayed for (G)both his (C)friends and (F)foes -F

The (C)hour he went his (G)final (C)way. -C


And (C)with him (Am)went young (G)Bernard (C)Ryan

A (F)quite lad – (G)twenty-one of (C)age,

Fond (G)lover of the (D)Gaelic (G)tongue

And (F)earner (C)of a (G)family’s (C)wage. -C

He (G)slept so soundly (F)his last (C)night -

One (Am)had to (F)wake him (C)to be (G)hung -

A(F)ssured to (G)wear a (C)Fainné (alt. halo) (F)soon -F

An (C)angel with an (G)Irish (C)tongue. -C


Chorus: They (G)took the road…

Bridge: G-G-F-C   F-C-Am-G   F-G-C-F-F   F-C-G-C-C  


The (C)six had (Am)gone just (G)some few (C)hours

When (F)doom reached (G)for a Carlow (C)man

Who’d (G)saved a rebel (D)country(G)man,

But (F)took his (C)place as (G)scapegoat (C)then. -C

So (G)Thomas Traynor (F)stood his (C)trial

Was (Am)battered (F)by the (C)Igoe (G)Gang

And (F)ten poor (G)weans soon (C)mourned their (F)‘Da’

When (C)five weeks later (G)he would (C)hang. -C


Chorus: He (G)took the road…


Ned (C)Foley, (Am)he was (G)Limerick (C)born

A (F)handsome (G)man - a farmer’s (C)son,

A (G)member of the (D)Knocklong (G)raid

The (F)Tans a(C)rrested (G)on the (C)run. -C

They (G)sent him o’er to (F)Limerick (C)Jail

Where (Am)two hung (F)juries (C)gave him (G)hope

Un(F)til a (G)less prim (C)Dublin (F)court -F

Did (C)send him to the (G)hangman’s (C)rope. -C


And (C)second (Am)of these (G)last poor (C)guys

Was (F)Patrick (G)Maher, from Limerick, (C)too.

A (G)clerk at Knocklong (D)Station (G)though

Yet (F)inno(C)cent as (G)me and (C)you. -C

His (G)last deep wish was (F)‘Let me (C)rest

At (Am)home in (F)Bally(C)landers’ (G)ground.’

But (F)then for (G)more than (C)eighty (F)years -F

He (C)was to lie in (G)jail soil (C)bound. -C


Chorus: They (G)took the road…

Bridge: G-G-F-C   F-C-Am-G   F-G-C-F-F   F-C-G-C-C  


And (C)Kevin (Am)Barry, (G)here’s to (C)you

The (F)first and (G)youngest one of (C)ten

Who (G)gave their lives for (D)Ireland’s (G)sake

Re(F)member (C)these brave (G)Irish(C)men! -C


(F)And the (C)Road, that (G7)they all (C)went. -G-C-G7-C







F-C-G-C -C





F-G-C-F -F

C-C-G-C -C

Thomas Whelan
Thomas Whelan
5 October 1898, + 14 March 1921, 6 a.m., aged 22

Patrick Moran
Patrick Moran
* 14 March 1888, + 14 March 1921, 6 a.m., aged 33


Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle
1892, + 14 March 1921, 7 a.m., aged 29
Thomas Bryan
Thomas Bryan
1897, + 14 March 1921, 7 a.m., aged 24
Frank Flood
Frank Flood
June 1901, + 14 March 1921, 8 a.m., aged 19
Bernard Ryan
Bernard Ryan
1 January 1901, + 14 March 1921, 8 a.m., aged 21
Thomas Traynor
Thomas Traynor 
 27 May 1881, + 25 April 1921, aged 39
Edmond Foley
Edmond Foley
1897-died 7 June 1923
Patrick Maher 7 June 1921, aged 32
Kevin Barry
Kevin Gerard Barry 
 20 January 1902, + 1 November 1920, aged 18


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